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How do you turn a team into a harmoniously playing orchestra? The inspiring motivational speaker Richard de Hoop uses music as a metaphor and rocks every stage. As a stirring source of inspiration, he truly owns the stage and enthrallingly and informatively conveys how a lone soloist in a company can become an orchestra that produces melodies instead of noise. To show this, he employs useful knowledge and enthusiastic entertainment. Your customers, employees and guests will sustainably internalize the musical and highly motivating performance by the Dutchman de Hoop on the topic “Team Play,” and actively seek out opportunities to consistently work together harmoniously, joyfully and successfully. Run the orchestra of your company with Richard de Hoops passionate presentations on new euphony! Let's rock!


Music of the future
  • Humans in the age of change
 Make music !
  • How your team can play together
The music plays in sales
  • Increase profits through harmonious teamwork
8 instruments for more motivation and team spirit
  • The right rhythm for more output 
What makes your counterpart tick
  • Get to know others through music
Workflows in decentralised, virtual teams
  • Music as the key to success


“At our SV Sales Day, Richard de Hoop was an absolute highlight: 200 participants were thrilled by Richard de Hoop’s impetus: A unique blend of entertainment, music, interaction with the audience, as well as content-rich ideas made his appearance a lasting and memorable experience.”  Andreas Lex, Head of Marketing Education and Training MA3, SV SparkassenVersicherung Holding AG  “Mr. de Hoop’s presentation included many facets. Wit, excitement and appeal all in one. Fireworks for the eyes and ears. [...] Gladly again!” Anja Schreck, Management, DINEA Gastronomie GmbH „The preparation and the on-site presence were absolutely professional. He managed to seamlessly incorporate points from the opening act into his appearance, which was received very well. He managed to entertain our international audience (with participants from over 40 countries) in a grandiose fashion and was the absolute highlight of our event –along with our customers, we were absolutely thrilled.” Anja Son, Head of Brand & Marketing Communication, BEGO




The following equipment is required:


Richard de Hoop benötigt für seinen Vortrag eine Beschallungsanlage für eine Präsentation mit Sprache und Gesang mit Musik von seinem Laptop aus. Die Anlage soll ausreichend Bässe/Mitten/Höhen verstärken können. Bitte teilen Sie uns Marke und Typ der Anlage und des F.O.H Mischpults mit.1 Handsender1 Bodypack mit Empfänger für ein Headset (DPA 4088) mit Stecker für Sennheiser EW oder Shure (das Headset mit zwei verschiedenen Steckern ist unsererseits vorhanden)1 VGA-Kabel für die Keynote-Präsentation (beim F.O.H.) (Verlauf-Stecker von VGA zum Apple ist vorhanden)1 aktives DI für eine akustische Gitarre (auf der Bühne)2 Monitore für Trainer bzw. Sänger

The speaker has the following requirements for the backstage room: