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He is the brand and the content. A lawyer, publicist, host, entrepreneur, advisor and coach. Richard Schütze combines politics and business with media presence. For more than 30 years, associations, political, social and cultural institutions, DAX companies, SMEs and public figures have all been drawing on his expertise and advice, including in delicate situations. As an expert in corporate reputation, crisis management and communication, the chairperson of a socio-political corporate association advises presidents and premiers, ministers and party leaders, entrepreneurs and executive boards, directors and CEOs. As a political advisor, he analyses and comments on current affairs on TV, on radio, online and in print media. As a CEO coach, he runs the Berliner Akademie für Medienrhetorik und Kommunikation (BAK). Many companies and associations build on his talent, knowledge, quick wit and humour as a speaker, advisor and host.


Being at ease with yourself, inspiring employees, and getting your company ahead
  • How to embody a harmonious corporate identity, develop an attractive charisma, and radiate self-confidence
  • How to manage a values-oriented corporate culture in a reflective manner, and achieve more acceptance and loyalty
  • How to increase company value through targeted image cultivation and professional reputation management

Winning without defeat
  • How to achieve more attention and success through a noticeable public presence and profiled positioning in the media
  • How to overcome risks with active crisis communication and proactive issues management, and grow in crises
  • How to clearly define and achieve your goals in dealings with unions, workers councils and your own staff

Humane business operations
  • People born poor have the opportunity to acquire spiritual, cultural and economic assets – if we know how to conduct business properly
  • Is the social market economy the humane economic order par excellence?

Richard Schütze prepares for his clients fields of knowledge before all appearances and consultations, focusing on their specific needs.


TV and radio presence:
ARD, ZDF, RTL, SAT.1, ProSieben, N 24, n-tv, Kabel eins, DLF, CNN, Focus TV, host of a politico-economic show on ProSieben
Publications in daily newspapers:
incl. Die Welt / Süddeutsche Zeitung, Bild, Westfalenblatt etc.
Articles in monthly/weekly magazines:
incl. Cicero, Focus, Cosmopolitan
Appearances in specialist publications:
PR Report, pr magazine, Werben und Verkaufen, WuV, Horizont, HV-Magazin, Die Neue Ordnung
Established the Cicero magazine Permanent columnist for
“The European” online magazine
Corporate identity & reputation:
When  a world market leader plans a merger and needs to create a new corporate identity
For successful international trade fair appearances
Media presentation techniques and communication:
When quick wit, imagery, storytelling, facts and explanations are also required in critical interviews
When it’s about conciseness and memorable messages
Crisis management and communication
When a strike breaks out at a DAX group, and the conflict needs to be resolved within 24 hours
When a chemical company comes under fire not just in the media, and needs to explain itself



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