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Prof. Rolf Schmiel is a graduate psychologist, author and speaker who also works as a psychological expert for TV and radio (including ARD, Pro7 & ZDF). As of autumn 2016, he will be a co-presenter for the TV psychology show テや朶o tickt der Menschテや on SAT. 1. His radio columns at BR3, Radio21 & WDR2 attract well over a million listeners every week and, as a speaker, he has won the overall victory at the テや1st German Speaker Slamテや in 2015, along with the audience prize and the award given to speakersテや agencies. He was also nominated for the テや朶peaker of the Year 2015テや media prize and the テや朮uerdenker Award 2013テや for lateral thinkers. With his unique way of mixing psychology, motivation and fun in his speeches, he has been inspiring renowned SMEs as well as major corporations such as Audi, Coca-Cola, Daimler, Lufthansa, Shell, Wテシrth, VW and Xerox, for many years.


テや杁he psychologist among the motivational coachesテや (Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper) presents the most important psychological findings regarding motivation and leadership with great humour. Well-founded impulses, entertaining stories and astounding experiments ensure that the audience will be both enthusiastic and motivated.

THE MOTIVATION OF TOMORROW - How we will manage staff in the future!
  • The most important future trends in HR management!
  • Long-term success through holistic motivation!
  • The renaissance of values!
HOW THE CUSTOMER THINKS- Psychology for more success in your business
  • How you can テや嗷eadテや your customers!
  • The psychological tricks that increase your turnover!
  • Why the unconscious mind decides on a purchase!
HIGH-FLYERS - The truth about motivation
  • What turns us into really high performers!
  • How the biggest successes come from setbacks!
  • How to cleverly master changes psychologically!
The motivational incentive for your sales team
  • Going where it hurts: sales beyond the comfort zone!
  • The team is the star: why team spirit is also decisive for success ful sales!
  • The ball has to go into the goal: why only the deal leads to success!


テや廨ermanyテやs most entertaining business psychologist.テや Handelsblatt テや弋he expert for modern staff motivation.テや Die Zeit テや弋he perfect mix of laughing and learning.テや managerSeminare テや廾ne of Germanyテやs most motivational coaches.テや VDI-Nachrichten テや弋he psychologist among the motivational coaches.テや Süddeutsche Zeitung テや弸ou are among the outstanding speakers and impulse givers of our country.テや O. Ehrl, Chairman, QUERDENKER-Stiftung (Foundation for Lateral Thinkers), Munich テや廴any thanks for your brilliant talk. Youテやve been a highlight in the 38-year history of our lecture series.テや J. Klein, Managing Director, Beckum Arbeitergeberverband Zement






Das neuste Buch von Rolf Schmiel, "Senkrechtstarter" ist jetzt unter erhältlich. 


Rolf Schmiel テや テや廛er Psychologe unter den Motivationstrainernテや (Süddeutsche Zeitung) テや lüftet für Sie das erstaunliche Erfolgsgeheimnis prominenter Senkrechtstarter: Frust und Niederlagen sind es, die ihnen die Energie für Spitzenleistungen geben.


Seit September 2014 ist Rolf Schmiel als Job-Experte für die Bild am Sonntag tätig.


Motivationstrainer Rolf Schmiel wurde für den Medienpreis "Speaker of the Year 2015" nominiert.  Die Zeit: テや彜chmiel besticht durch die Menge der Fakten! Psychologisch fundiert!テや 06.11.15 Der Motivationstrainer gewann den ersten deutschen Speaker-Slam. Audio Podcasts: 


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