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When the buzzword "service improvement" crops up on the executive floors of large corporations and medium-sized enterprises, her name is at the top of every list of specialists and consultants. Anyone who experiences her speak understands at once that this woman loves what she does. She is a successful entrepreneur, university lecturer, thought leader and pragmatist through and through. For her, intelligent services, service performance and empathy always go hand in hand. National and international companies rely on her solution strategies. Her talks are a skilful mixture of outstanding technical expertise, memorable examples and a lot of humour. Strong content alternates with service trends, personal experiences and immediately implementable ideas. She touches her listeners and inspires them to change their perspective and take on a new, sustainable service attitude. Sabine Hübner has received several awards and was voted "Speaker of the Year". She is included in the list of the 100 best trainers and influencers. "She is the No. 1 service expert no." (ProSieben).


Service in the digital age

  • Digital or personal? Why OR?!

Service culture means enjoying a head start

  • Because attitude cannot be copied

Service makes the difference

  • How to make customers happy and companies successful

Strikingly different. Surprisingly better.

  • Inspiring customers with intelligent service concepts

Service happiness

  • Get right to the heart of the customer with magical moments

The power of empathy. Who sympathizes, wins

  • Create unforgettable “human moments” with real quality meetings

Service happiness in KPIs

  • Correctly measure and effectively manage service performance

Digital humanism as the key to service success

  • Shaping the future with high-tech and high touch


A1, Allianz, AOK, Attensam, AXA, BASF, Burda, BayWa, BMW, Busch-Jäger, Comdirect, Daimler, DB Fernverkehr, Die Techniker, Dr Bähler Dropa, Goldwell, Henkel, Hörmann, Intersport, John Deere, KAO, LBS, L'Oréal, L'Osteria, Lufthansa, McDonald's, Miele, Mercedes-Benz Bank, NetzeBW, Otto Group, Phoenix Contact, Porsche, REWE, Roche, RUAG, RWE, Sonova, Strabag, Swisscom, Tchibo, Techem, TÜV Süd, Uniklinik Münster, WALA, Wüstenrot, Zurich and many more.


“I couldn't have wished for a better expert – we enjoyed your answers very much.” RTL-Extra editorial office


“It is lovely when sophisticated rhetoric, great life experience and high-level expertise are combined with wit and conviction. An excellent talk!” Dr. Gesa Heinrichs, Otto Group


“You are absolutely right: service is an attitude to which there is no alternative! You have completely convinced us!” Stefan Paffrath, Mediengruppe Mitteldeutsche Zeitung


“Simply ingeniously good! Smart, trend-setting, motivating and wonderfully lively! A direct hit for one's heart and brain.” Gretel Weiß, dfv Mediengruppe



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