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Dr Sabine Schonert ("Dr Stress") has been a well known stress management and health expert for more than 20 years. After studying in Cologne, she practised as a doctor and then continued training in various areas of humanistic psychology, relaxation techniques and sports medicine. Sabine Schonert became well known as a presenter of and screenwriter for various health programmes on the WDR and NDR TV channels. These days, Sabine Schonert writes for the radio and press. All her powers of persuasion come to life in key notes, presentations and seminars in which she engages her participants with her enthusiastic and down to earth presentation of latest scientific findings.


With a smartphone and smart brain: Fighting digital burnout with digital resilience
Expert knowledge from an experienced practitioner that helps you to be immediately more productive.
What is digital stress and how to recognize it.

Digital resilience –the 5 resilience power-tools
  • Strengthening self-discipline
  • Mastering problems
  • Fewer e-mails -  better work
  • Increasing concentration
  • Fresh energy through power relaxation tools
Energy instead of stress – work hard and still live well!
  • No stress-no success!  In an inspiring talk, learn the most 
  • effective  five power tools for every day. 
  • Power up your body: how to exercis
  • Relax your mind: effective and to the point
  • The secret of taking the strain off yourself
  • Happiness and satisfaction in less than 10 minutes
  • Solve problems like the experts
Standing up to burnout: healthy leadership and how to support stressed-out employees. A must for every responsible executive!
  • Work 4.0 and the consequences for employee health
  • The effects of stress on mental health
  • Identify the risk of burnout and take immediate action
  • Mental risk assessment and duty of care: What you must know and how to care for your team professionally
  • Increasing team resilience: How to be a power-tool for your team


Telekom, Bertelsmann, Lufthansa, Helaba, Nestlé, Metro, Kaufhof, Henkel, AOK, IKK,  BASF, Bertelsmann, Solvay Deutschland, RWE Power, REWE, Bundesfinanzakademie, Sparkassenakademien, ThyssenKrupp, Siemens, Rohde&Schwarz, Zurich Group What clients think of "Dr Stress": "Knowledgable, very useful and entertaining!"

"The best of many seminars to date!"

"I‘ve never heard such an enthusiastic talk about such important issues like stress and burnout."

"You helped me a lot, thanks."

"It's good that taboo topics like stress, burnout and age are now being openly addressed – none of them are bad things after all; you can do something about all of them!"

"I‘ve learnt a lot that I can use in the future!"


People, books and events that inspire me: "Stress researchers say stress is very useful. And that's what I love  to get across to my audience: love your stress! Get to know it well, so it won't kill you, but instead help you achieve everything YOU want from life! For over 20 years, I've been working with thousands of participants on showing them how they can successfully survive their careers." 


28.03.2011 Dr. med. Sabine Schonert: Energie statt Stress!: Belastendes in Belebendes verwandeln. Kraftquellen aktivieren. - Burnout vorbeugen - Taschenbuch Hier erhältlich:  


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