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Sanjay Sauldie, born in India and raised in Germany, studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Cologne. He is the director of the European Internet Marketing Institute and Academy. Having received the Internet Oscar "Golden Web Award" from the International World Association of Webmasters and Designers in Los Angeles, USA, and the "Innovation Prize 2007 and 2008" from the Initiative Mittelstand, he is an Internet expert who focuses on Internet marketing and the strategic online positioning of companies. In his talks and seminars, he sets off a firework of practical impulses for practical use. He manages to make the complex world of Internet marketing easy to understand for everyone. Sanjay Sauldie captivates his audience with his visual language and encourages his listeners to take immediate action.


Digital Change – the path to innovation leadership
  • What you can learn from the world's most innovative firms
  • How to move from the market economy to the digital economy and create new innovations
  • How to develop new digital trends and become a market leader
Innovate or die – the future of the digital world
  • How to successfully integrate the laws of the digital world into your business
  • How to attract and win over the most creative talents
  • How to use "digital disruption" as a catalyst for innovation
  • How to create a fruitful environment for digital culture and become a trendsetter in your industry
The iROI strategy of success
  • From an immigrant child to a top 100 entrepreneur:
  • How to position yourself and your company even more successfully as a brand with the aid of the Internet
Main research interests:
  • Digitisation strategies for companies: from the website to Industry 4.0
  • Open innovation and digital hubs
  • The future of the workplace, scorms and e-learning
  • Robotisation and automation in SMEs and industry
  • Digital leadership for executives: from hierarchy to the honeycomb
  • "Digital disruption" and transformation in its implementation
  • Digitisation, society and politics: where is human development heading?


ARTDECO Cosmetics, 3M, DARCO, Vanity Cosmetic, fediyma, REIMO, L‘Oréal, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post, Elégance, Otto GmbH & Co. KG, Kalydo GmbH, Hermes, Veit GmbH, Immoscout 24, Vogel Business Media, Uni Credit Bank
"As a multi-award winning speaker and trainer, Sanjay Sauldie has managed to introduce his audience to the complex world of Internet marketing in a comprehensible and illuminating way. We thank him for his outstanding contribution, which has clearly enriched the trade fair."
Natascha Hoffner, Project Manager, Swiss Online Marketing
"Whether it's a matter of workshops with marketing managers from various countries in German and English, training courses in marketing departments or presentations for departmental heads, Mr Sauldie knows how to inspire his audience on the topics of digital transformation and digital marketing. Complex topics are explained using a number of up-to-date examples, and every question is answered comprehensively and competently. The resulting enthusiasm greatly facilitates later collaboration in the individual projects across different departments and functions. His extensive experience in various sectors and with companies of different sizes means that we get professional advice at both the strategic and the tactical level. Thanks to Mr Sauldie's expertise in the field, discussions with agency partners are now taking place at a different level, one which is ideally suited to us. Thanks to Mr Sauldie's iROI strategy, we are seeing a significant improvement in the placement of our brand and products in search engine results and digitisation processes in a relatively short time, and we now know what levers we need to set in motion to become even more successful digitally."
Paul Gill, Manager, Brand Development EMEA, WD-40 Company 



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