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One second, one wrong decision while hiking. Neck fracture. Diagnosis: cervical vertebrae crosssection. 95% of the muscles are paralyzed, forever. The most radical change ever. Sebastian Wächter overcomes this blow of fate. He becomes a Bundesliga player in wheelchair rugby, graduates with a master's degree in business mathematics and becomes a stock analyst in a private bank. Sebastian Wächter not only talks about change, but has experienced and mastered it himself. In the meantime, he helps well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations to get their change processes rolling. He also supports companies in implementing change in the areas of diversity and motivation.Through his life story, he can authentically accompany people in change processes and also understands the emotional barriers on this path. Sebastian Wächter encourages people to take responsibility for their own actions. He does not accept excuses. True to his motto "Out of the victim role, into action".


Change Mindset –
Getting change processes rolling!

  • „We‘ve always done it this way“ - How to generate acceptance among your employees for the current situation and thus create the basis for change
  • How to focus on the essentials, leave the victim role and also implement change
  • How to foster a fertile environment for responsibility with a lived culture of error
  • How to recognize opportunities, put aside concerns and successfully set goals

Growth Mindset –
Break through your barriers in your mind

  • Attitude matters - How to successfully overcome challenges and take responsibility for your actions.
  • How to recognize and overcome your mental barriers and realize your full potential
  • How to deal with setbacks in the right way and emerge stronger from them
  • How to achieve your goals more easily with „MEANINGful“ action

Diversity Power –
How diversity drives your business forward

  • How to detect and counter employee prejudice
  • How to use inclusion to attract well-trained and loyal employees to your company
  • How to use diversity to make your corporate culture more colorful, unleash creativity and create a spirit of mutual appreciation
  • How to take your employer branding to the next level with social responsibility and become a lighthouse in your industry



Siemens Healthineers, Schwarz Gruppe, Union Investment,
ADAC, Versicherungskammer Bayern, LVM Versicherung,
Oracle, Deutsche Lufthansa, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly


  • Winner European Speaker Award 2019
  • Best Keynote 2019 of the GSA Akademy

Customer Testimonials:

„A welcome change!“ ARD

„Sebastian Wächter is someone who can motivate other people.“ Bayerischer Rundfunk

„Mr. Wächter manages in a very impressive and moving way to draw analogies to business life from his personal story. With his pictorial and emotional way of speaking, he takes the audience along excellently, appears authentic and uses many concise core statements that remain in the memory.“
Bernd Fröhlich, Chief Executive Officer, Sparkasse Mainfranken

„With his inspiring and winning manner, Sebastian Wächter succeeded in enriching the topic of ‚Change‘ with new ways of thinking at our team retreat. Many thanks for a refreshing presentation that clearly stood out from the mainstream! With his thoughts and his personality, Sebastian Wächter has created an extraordinarily lasting effect in our team.“
Klaus Berger, Senior Director, Deutsche 
Lufthansa AG

"The high quality of the digital keynote due to the recording in the film studio was surprising for me. The presentation was professional, to the point and with good emotionality. The complete cooperation was equally pleasant as uncomplicated and goal-oriented. The keynote struck a nerve, very good implementation of the briefing and high authenticity."
Dr. Jörg Ehmer, CEO, Apollo Optik

"Sebastian puts the usual 'stumbling blocks in change processes in relation to his personal experiences and shows approaches to solutions. In this way, he manages to make you feel caught but not reprimanded. In sum, the lecture is touching, encouraging and inspiring."
Alma Schroedter, Head of Sales Management, Versicherungskammer Bayern

"We were in an important internal change process at the time of the lecture and it was more than amazing how his experiences and approach could be transferred to our process. You could have heard a pin drop, so attentively and full of excitement we listened to him. Every single person benefited from it. We were thrilled."
Peter Bochnia, Sales Director, LVM Versicherung

"As the director of the training course "Professional Speaker GSA", I have not experienced anyone in recent years who captivates his  listeners like Sebastian, gives clear instructions for action and motivates people to achieve their goals again. He doesn't want pity, he wants to motivate. Because companies and their employees in particular can learn something from his mindset as a wheelchair user."
Markus Hofmann, Speaker of the Year 2017




Expert Marketplace - Sebastian Wächter - Change Mindset: Veränderungsprozesse ins Rollen bringen!

Change Mindset: Veränderungsprozesse ins Rollen bringen!

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