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Silvia B. Pitz, moderator and trainer with a passion, is an expert when it comes to presentation, communication and leadership. She has gained her extensive experience over the past 25 years as a presenter on stage and on TV, as an executive management coach and team development trainer. Silvia B. Pitz is a sought-after speaker for renowned companies and international corporations throughout Europe. She gets to the heart of things and engenders the right emotion. By combining her on-stage experience and psychological knowledge, she knows how to engage people, awaken their existing potential and express it effectively. Silvia B. Pitz has completed numerous advanced training courses – including as a certified Systemic Coach, NLP Practitioner, INSIGHTS MDI Master and Scrum Master. In her assignments with companies, Silvia B. Pitz inspires her participants with her lively and humorous presentation style, coupled with solid psychological background knowledge.


In her lively talks, stimulating seminars and workshops, Silvia gives,
with her inspiring manner, her participants the self-confidence and
energy they need to enjoy visible success.

A professional presence – as an executive

  • How leadership can be effective and innovative in the
    (not only digital) transition
  • Talent management – how to become and remain attractive to
  • Creating awareness for new forms of leadership in order to be
    sustainable, attractive and successful

A professional presence – as a speaker

  • Attracting attention and captivatingly convincing people
  • Achieve presence even in online videos
  • Design methods and interactions in webinars and video to keep
    the audience engaged

A professional presence – as a team

  • Focussing on strengths in the team fosters appreciative cooperation
    and makes it easier to achieve results
  • Using systemic processes to decipher unconscious patterns,
    remove blockages and – individually and in teams – exploit
    people’s full potential

A professional presence – bridging the gender gap

  • How female and male managers can make targeted use of their


“Silvia Pitz has managed, in a wonderful way, to get everything out of us participants in the best sense. The learning curve during these two days was enormous. Besides our own successes, there was also a ‚noticeable WE jolt‘ for the team.” Sabine Bartel, Medentika
“Silvia managed to align our team to actively find the best solution for our company and has left a lasting, positive impression on the team that is currently integrating the points that we discussed.” Tomas de Wouters, Pharmabiome
“Ms Pitz regularly coaches our national and international speakers before important presentations and has an excellent reputation in the implantology scene. It’s not only our customers and speakers, but also our employees who are equally enthusiastic about her courses and benefit in the long term from the skills learnt there. The course evaluations are always excellent and of the highest standard. Our top speakers and opinion leaders in particular appreciate the one-to-one coaching very much when preparing for making
international congress contributions“.
Thomas Kreuzwieser, Head of Clinics and Scientific Cooperation, Head of Sales Biomaterials, Straumann Group


People, books and events that inspire me
"Working with people is one of the most beautiful and challenging tasks I have ever had. That‘s why I enter into discussions with a high degree of responsibility and sensitivity. In this sense, important values in my work are respect and responsibility in dealing with each other, but also humour and creativity.”




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