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Sophie Adell is a multifaceted show-host, well-known actress, and public personality, fluent in a variety of languages. She works in various countries, predominately in Germany. She has had years of professional experience as an international film actress, presenter, show-host, and producer. As a red carpet journalist, she has interviewed a long list of international celebrities. In every instance, it is obvious that Sophie has truly mastered the art of getting the person being interviewed to open up and talk freely. Born in London, Sophie grew up in Belgium, Greece, New Jersey, Holland, and Argentina, and was raised with both English and German as her native languages. She is known for her cosmopolitan lifestyle, flexibility, and an ability to adapt to any situation. Though Sophie has impressive management skills and is totally professional, she can also be fun on the set. She is able to host events, conferences, shows, and conventions by combining intelligence, charm, wit, and a very positive attitude.


Expert at:
  • Feature Films, Television, Stage
  • Web TV, Web Video Productions, YouTube, Imagefilms, Voice-
  • Over
  • Red Carpet Reporter, Video Journalist
Sophie Adell is an excellent and charming show host and presenter, experienced in both US English and German language performances.
  • Conventions, Conferences, Trade Fairs, Events
  • Television, Anchorwoman, Live Broadcasting
  • Panel Discussions, Meetings
  • Special Events, Anniversaries, Award Ceremonies, Opening Nights
  • Corporate Events, Road Shows, Kickoffs
  • Workshops, Tutorials, Presentations


Premiere “The Other Woman“ (Cameron Diaz), Winter Olympic Team Welcome Ceremony, Signs Award, Audi Generation Award, Bavarian Philharmonics, DEIN Muenchen, “Irre Sind Männlich“, Live and Love, Tabularasa Magazine, Ganz Muenchen
Filmfestival Munich “VIP Blog“ (2 years): Opening Night, Director‘s Cut, Movie Meets Media, Shocking Shorts Award, Premieres “Exit Marrakech“, “Der Bernd“ BMW Motorrad: Green Me Film Festival, Signs Award, Berlinale Festival Night, German Actors‘ Award, C evolution Production Kickoff, Various Interviews at Berlin Showroom
Special Skills:
  • Two Mother Languages: English and German
  • Fluently: Dutch & Spanish
  • Reasonably well: French
  • Actor for Film, Television, Theatre — Equestrian — Dance (ballet, modern, jazz) — Stage Combat — Acrobatics — Martial Arts — can tickle own nose with tongue



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