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Stefan Frädrich is a motivation expert, author and entrepreneur. He founded the popular training further platform Greator, before GEDANKENtanken, which operates among other things the most successful German Speakingkanal on YouTube. His team of experts organizes events and seminars throughout the German-speaking world – online and offline. Since 2003 Stefan Frädrich has been successful as a trainer, speaker, coach and consultant and has written several books, including several bestsellers and long sellers. He invented the popular motivation mascot „Gunter, your weaker self“ and develops successful seminars („Non-smoking in 5 hours“).
Many know him from television, from his own programs (e.g. WDR, ProSieben, VOX) or as a coach and guest on various TV shows. As an award-winning professional speaker (Top Speaker 2018, among others), Stefan Frädrich motivates thousands of seminar and lecture participants every year. His goal: to make complex contexts understandable, logical and entertaining – and thereby make a difference!


The Gunter principle:
how to motivate your inner weaker self
Do you know Gunter, your weaker self? He keeps you from doing
anything that is new and courageous or sounds exhausting – unless
you feed him the right thoughts… The perfect motivational
talk in times of continual change: Go on an exciting journey
through motivational psychology, coaching and neuroscience! –
and take off again courageously and optimistically!

the 10 commandments of successful management
Good leadership is one of the most important prerequisites
for the success of any organisation – especially in today‘s VUKA
world! But how do you become a leader? Unfortunately mostly,
without having learned leadership systematically. And this is
reflected in the results of the company ... Get to know and use
today‘s most important leadership principles - and bring your
company forward!

Sympathy in sales: how to become a ‚people magnet‘
In the field of sales, sympathy is invaluable! Because sourpusses
don‘t sell anything. Unfortunately, everyone hasn‘t grasped this
yet...which means that anyone who knows how to become a
‚people magnet‘ has a real competitive advantage. Get to know
the principles of interpersonal attraction – and use them for your
own personal benefit!

Knowledge of human nature: Recognizing personalities
Every person has his own personality. This is why it is often so
difficult to understand and communicate with others - with customers,
the team or the family. On the other hand, if you know
how you yourself „tick“ and how others tick, you have a clear advantage:
both privately and professionally. Learn in a humorous
presentation to recognize and win over yourself and other people
- at a glance! Including a free personality analysis for each
audience member.


Arag, BKK Bundesverband, BMW, BP, Europäisches Parlament, Glaxo Smith Line, Liebherr, Mercedes, Metro, Novartis, Procter & Gamble, Visteon, Westdeutsche LBS etc.

„Dr Stefan Frädrich cleverly manages to enable each individual to
recognise his or her personal ‚Gunter‘ and learn how to put a leash
on him in a particularly effectively way!“ Cash

„The incantations of Dr Frädrich have surprising effects!“ RTL

„Your speech was an invaluable addition to our event.“ Mail Boxes etc.

„What should I say? Trainer Stefan Frädrich has freed me of my vice.“ Bild

„Good advice – and above all doable.“ Die Welt


We live in a fascinating world full of potential and possibilities. My passion lies in inspiring people and organisations to rediscover exactly that and to tackle things with energy and joy.



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