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Stefan Frädrich is a motivation expert, author and entrepreneur. He founded the popular training further platform Greator, before GEDANKENtanken, which operates among other things the most successful German Speakingkanal on YouTube. His team of experts organizes events and seminars throughout the German-speaking world " online and offline. Since 2003 Stefan Frädrich has been successful as a trainer, speaker, coach and consultant and has written several books, including several bestsellers and long sellers. He invented the popular motivation mascot "Gunter, your weaker self" and develops successful seminars ("Non-smoking in 5 hours").
Many know him from television, from his own programs (e.g. WDR, ProSieben, VOX) or as a coach and guest on various TV shows. As an award-winning professional speaker (Top Speaker 2018, among others), Stefan Frädrich motivates thousands of seminar and lecture participants every year. His goal: to make complex contexts understandable, logical and entertaining " and thereby make a difference!


Motivation: Caffeine for the soul

  • Günter, the inner weaker self
  • Question automatisms
  • Leave comfort zones
  • Overcome fears
  • Release brakes
  • Growth
  • Finding meaning
  • Going new ways
  • Reaching goals

A matter for the boss: principles of successful leadership

  • Living responsibility
  • Leadership today
  • Create inspiration & vision
  • Fuel Trust
  • Living projects & processes
  • Future engine Change & Innovation
  • Leading by example Ethics
  • Honesty & Communication
  • Living entrepreneurship

Economic power climate change

  • Climate crisis & causes
  • Interrelationships & Chain Reactions
  • Consequences & Solutions
  • Industry, Energy & Mobility
  • Ecological agriculture & animal husbandry
  • Lever Food
  • Species Protection & Biodiversity
  • Politics & Society
  • Sustainability & Ecology
  • To-Dos for companies


Speaker Awards:

  • Speaker of the Year 2020 (Rhetorik Akademie Tübingen)
  • Top Speaker of the Year 2018 (Magazin Training)
  • Trainer of the Year 2011 (Magazine Training)
  • Top 100 Excellent Speaker (since 2005)
  • Innovation Award 2009 (German Speakers Association)

Awards GEDANKENtanken resp. Greator:

  • Best German Employers 2020
    (Great Place to Work, 2nd place, 50 – 100 MA)
  • Top Employer Medium-Sized Businesses 2020 (Focus)
  • Europe‘s Best Workplaces 2019 (Great Place to Work)
  • Best German Employer 2019 (1st place)
  • Growth Champion 2019 (Focus)
  • Innovator of the Year 2019 (Brand eins)
  • Top Innovator 2019 (


Excerpt references:

Antenne Bayern, BMW, Coca Cola, Deutsche Post, ERGO, FibuNet,
Greator, Haspa, IGBCE, Jako-o, Karstadt, Linde, Nestlé, Mercedes,
Novartis, OBI, Procter and Gamble ... Hey, I‘ve been doing this job
since 2003! This is getting silly.

Media & TV:

  • „Glück ist lernbar“ (VOX, 2012)
  • „Besser essen – leben leicht gemacht“
    (ProSieben & Sat. 1, 2007-2011)
  • „Der große Gesundheitscheck“ (WDR, 2006, 2007)


We live in a fascinating world full of potential and possibilities. My passion lies in inspiring people and organisations to rediscover exactly that and to tackle things with energy and joy.



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