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Prof. Stefan Gröner is one of Germany’s most renowned strategy consultants and public speakers. He began his career as a publishing manager and managing director at some of Germany’s largest media companies, and has been working as a strategy consultant and change manager for over 10 years. He is also a professor and dean of business communication at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, and lectures at other well-known universities. His field of research lies in “digital disruption” and “business communication of the future”. He is able to link the latest scientific findings with his well-founded practical experience, and contribute important ideas for the future strategies of many industries (e.g. automotive, banking, insurance, lifestyle and health). In his multimedia presentations, he inspires his audiences by imparting his expertise in a humorous and simple manner. Prof. Stefan Gröner makes people excited about digital change, and emboldens them to actively help shape it.


Upon request, Prof. Stefan Gröner can adapt his presentations to any target audience or industry, following a detailed briefing on the customer’s needs.
 Digital disruption – How digitalisation is changing markets, and what you now need to know for your industry      How to understand digital disruption and its challenges     What the three major cross-industry disruptive trends mean for your industry     How to actively and sustainably shape the digital strategy in your industry
 Communication in an age of Snapchat, Instagram & co. – How to reach a young target audience today     How to understand the major trends in digital communication among young target audiences     What risks does digitalisation pose for your business when communicating with young people – especially through social media channels     How to develop and implement a successful communication strategy for future generations
 Prof. Stefan Gröner also speaks about the following topics:     Industry 4.0/Work 4.0: How artificial intelligence is radically changing production and distribution in many industries, and the impact this will have on business and working models of the future     E-commerce: The future of trade in an age of Big Data and Amazon     The Internet of Things: How the networking of all things will shape our lives, and the possible business models that may result from this


  •  Hubert Burda Media
  •  GfK AG
  •  Bauer Media Group
  •  Allianz Germany
  •  Strenesse AG
  •  Peri Deutschland GmbH
  •  Robert Half International
  •  Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
  •  Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  •  Sparkassenverband
  •  Real Eyes GmbH
  •  Medientage Munich
  •  Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  •  MVP entrepreneurs association
  •  Gruner & Jahr Ag & Co. KG
  •  Swiss Online Marketing
  •  DMX Austria


People, books and events which inspire me:  “I have always been much more fascinated by the possibilities resulting from technical and social changes than by simply maintaining the status quo. Digital change is altering many industries’ long-established business models, as well as the way they communicate with existing and new, young target audiences. My curiosity drove me to investigate the effects this digital transformation had on businesses from all kinds of industries.”




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