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Prof. Stefan Gröner is one of Germany's most rennomized strategy consultants and public speakers. He began his career as a publishing manager and managing director at some of Germany's largest media companies. For many years, he has been supporting companies AND top executives in setting the strategic course for the future. In addition, he teaches as Dean of Studies for Digital Management & Leadership and Corporate Communications at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences. His field of research is in the area of "Artificial Intelligence", "Business Fields and Technologies of the Future" as well as "Leadership in Digital Transformation". He knows how to combine the latest scientific findings with his profound practical experience and to provide important impulses for the future strategies of many industries (e.g. retail, mobility, banking, insurance and healthcare). In his speakings, he inspires the audience by conveying his expert know-how in a humorous and easy-to-understand manner. Prof. Dr. Stefan Gröner encourages people for the future and makes them want to actively shape the digital transformation.


Upon request, Prof. Stefan Gröner can adapt his presentations to any target audience or industry, following a detailed briefing on the customer’s needs.
What does the future hold? Tomorrow‘s world in the age
of artificial intelligence, Internet and robotics
  • How Artificial Intelligence & Co. work and why they will dramatically change companies and markets
  • What great opportunities will the new technical and social developments offer us in the next ten years
  • The human factor: How digital transformation succeeds through modern leadership
Digital disruption – How digitalisation is changing markets, and what you need to know now for your industry
  • How to understand digital disruption and its economic and social context
  • What impact the major, cross-industry disruptive trends and technologies have on your industry
  • How you can change your products and business models and make digitization an active and future-proof option for your company
Prof. Dr. Stefan Gröner also speaks about the following
  • E-commerce:
    The future of trade in an age of Big Data and Amazon
  • New Mobility and Smart Cities:
    The future of mobility in times of autonomous and social transport
  • Digital Healthcare:
    Opportunities and risks of AI and robotics


Reference list (excerpt):

  • Allianz
  • Bank Austria
  • Bayern LB
  • BayWa
  • BMW AG
  • Bosch AG
  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM Deutschland
  • Prospitalia
  • Robert Half
  • Sparkasse
  • Shell
  • Verbund AG

„Dynamic, inspiring, entertaining.“ HP

„Practical, credible, cordial.“ Sparkasse

„Full of content, inspiring, entertaining.“ Allianz

„Very informative, very successful.“ Deutsche Bahn

„Consistently positive, humorous.“ Shell

„Perfect representation and presentation.“ DRK


"I have always been significantly more fascinated by exploring the future and the opportunities presented by technological and social change than by explaining and preserving the status quo. Digital transformation is dramatically changing the proven business models and leadership challenges of many industries."


Expert Marketplace - Prof. Dr. Stefan Gröner - Der Team-Entwickler: Gemeinsam gewinnen lernen

Der Team-Entwickler: Gemeinsam gewinnen lernen

Argon Balance
Expert Marketplace - Prof. Dr. Stefan Gröner - Kollege KI: Künstliche Intelligenz verstehen und sinnvoll im Unternehmen einsetzen

Kollege KI: Künstliche Intelligenz verstehen und sinnvoll im Unternehmen einsetzen

Redline Verlag
Expert Marketplace - Prof. Dr. Stefan Gröner - Kopf oder Bauch?: Erfolgsfaktoren für die ganzheitliche konzeptionelle Steuerung von Zeitschriften

Kopf oder Bauch?: Erfolgsfaktoren für die ganzheitliche konzeptionelle Steuerung von Zeitschriften



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