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Stephan Denzer is the man behind numerous comedy and satirical programmes on German TV channel ZDF. He was responsible for programmes such as the “heute-show”, “Die Anstalt”, “Sketch History” and many others. These programmes have won him 19 TV awards. Die Welt wrote about Stephan Denzer: “This man is satire Botox for ZDF.” The task of the former editor-in-chief for cabaret and comedy, who is now managing director of the cabaret and comedy small-stage theatre ”unterhaus” in Mainz, is to win people with humour and fun. His experience can now also be used by national and international companies and institutions to improve their employees‘ day-to-day work and corporate culture with values such as job satisfaction, laughter and effortlessness. Stephan Denzer shows how humour and fun can lead to more motivation, creativity and meaning in one‘s working life. His humorous and stimulating talk gives executives and employees practical suggestions to help them experience more fun at work in their everyday lives.


Achieving new know-how with humour, fun and creativity

  • How to create a working environment for creativity in a playful way and so come up with promising ideas
  • How to bring originality into your way of thinking and appear more „shrewd“
  • How to create new bright ideas and resources „out of the box“ when brainstorming

A great climate: humour and fun as boosters for a forward- looking corporate culture

  • How to create a relaxed, fun team spirit with which you can successfully reduce stress
  • How to bring effortlessness, relaxed behaviour and laughter into the business and so create an attractive image for yourself
  • How to create appreciation with humour that attracts the best people

Fun instead of frustration: using humour and fun to motivate

  • How to develop humour when you‘re not funny and so come across as more likeable
  • How to overcome your spoilsports and bring momentum to your business
  • How to go more motivated through your everyday life and avoid “Groundhog Day”

Further topics:

  • Happy selling – how to inspire customers with humour and fun and sell more successfully
  • Happy leadership – how to win over people with humour


„This man is satire Botox for ZDF. The man has humour, which is a good if not indispensable condition for his job.” Die Welt

„Stephan Denzer is an important part of the fun revolution.” TV Today

„He is the father of Mainz‘s comedy success: over the last ten years, Stephan Denzer has made ZDF the leading German television station for contemporary comedy.” Medienseite DWDL

Prizes and awards for the following programmes:

• 2007 German Television Award for “Neues aus der Anstalt!”

• 2009 German Comedy Award for “die heute-show”

• 2010 German Television Award for “die heute-show”

• 2010 German Comedy Award for “die heute-show”

• 2010 Grimme Award for “die heute-show”

• 2011 German Comedy Award for “Pelzig hält sich”

• 2011 German Comedy Award for “die heute-show”

• 2012 German Comedy Award for “die heute-show”

• 2012 Medium-Magazin: Editor of the Year 2012

• 2014 German Television Award for “die heute-show”

• 2014 Bambi for “die heute-show”

• 2015 Grimme Award for “Die Anstalt”

• 2015 Kompassnadel for “die heute-show”

• 2016 German Television Award for “Die Anstalt”

• 2016 German Comedy Award for “Sketch-History”

• 2017 Golden Camera for “die heute-show”

• 2017 German Comedy Award for “Sketch-History”

• 2017 German Comedy Award for “heute-show”

• 2018 German Comedy Award for “Mann, Sieber!”

• 2018 German Comedy Award for “Sketch-History


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