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Stephan Jung is an innovation expert, lecturer and author. He is known as THE forward-thinking pioneer when it comes to future trends and tells us how we will be living tomorrow. He is a member of the expert committee of the International Economy Association in Berlin and the BrainReserve pool of Faith Popcorn in New York. People in the fields of politics and the media regard him as a competent conversation partner and visionary. His experience is based on systematic market observations of the global hotspots. He unerringly predicted the development of Red Bull, Facebook, Google and the decline of well-known retail formats. His customers include well-known international corporations and SMEs. His analysis is uncompromising, exciting and stimulating: not for those of a weak constitution. In his advisory sessions, seminars and talks, he captures participants' interest with a spectacular display of impulses and immediately implementable strategies. His passion for innovation is contagious and makes people want to explore new avenues.


How we'll be living tomorrow!
  • How to keep an eye on the 11 big mega-trends of the future and align your strategy towards them
  • How to "destroy" and re-invent yourself before others do
  • How to future-proof yourself with the 7 golden innovation rules
Innovation heroes – the success matrix of champions
  • What you can learn from the world's greatest innovators
  • How to become attractive for the "next generation" and attract the best talents with an actual start-up culture
  • How to consistently reinvent yourself and become the motor of innovation in your industry
Live-cell therapy – the DNA for your success
  • How to create a fertile environment for increased creativity
  • How to find and retain the right impulse generators for your company
  • How to effectively implement your roadmap and navigate safely into the future.


„Stephan Jung is regarded as an excellent expert on commerce in Germany, Europe, and the world.“ Die Welt „Your lecture was a fireworks display of ideas – given in a professional and extremely entertaining way: the highlight of the conference“ Prof. Dr. Klaus Wellershoff, CEO, Wellershoff & Partners "Regarding the LIVE-CELL THERAPY talk by Mr Jung: its delivery was transparent and enthralling. A very good mixture, stimulating, inspiring. Generates interest in shaping the future." Andreas Lackner, Vice President, Brand Management, EMEA, HILTON HOTELS

„Stephan Jung has inspired me with his charismatic nature and his emotional narrative style!“ Claudia Lässer, Moderatorin ZDF, SAT. 1, ProSieben

„You're the talking point in our company! You described change with wit, charm and clear analyses; we were impressed!“ Franco Savastano, CEO Jelmoli AG „Stephan is an acknowledged expert for innovation in Europe with an exceptional network. He is sought after as a keynote speaker for retail innovation.” Mike Morrissey, Vice President ICSC, London



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