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Dr Stephan Theis, founder and managing director of econ solutions GmbH, is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert in business development, particularly when it comes to business models. He began his career in corporate group planning at a leading premium automotive manufacturer, and went on to work as a business consultant in product development, and developed two other startups. In his seminars and presentations, he inspires participants with innovative approaches and a number of practical examples which can be applied directly to real business operations. He is able to convey scientific know-how, coupled with valuable experience in entrepreneurship and corporate group structures, in a light, catchy manner. Dr Stephan Theis is a highly regarded guest both at talk events and conferences.


Data – the new gold: Where can we start digging?
  • Where your companyÂ’s treasure chests are and how to find them.
  • A picture says more than 1,000 words: How to visualise your data treasures and identify your full capacity
  • How to leverage data and unlock new potential
Industry 4.0 – from state project to business model
  • How to determine your status quo and define your need for action
  • How to get from pilot project to business model with the right mental approaches
  • How to refine your business model with profitable product and service concepts, creating lasting customer loyalty
Digitalisation – “Made in Germany”
  • How to accept the challenges of digitalisation and use them to your advantage
  • How to combine the best of the Silicon Valley concepts with the strengths and virtues of your company, and page your “German Way”
  • How to blaze your own digitalisation trail and link it with the “Made in Germany” quality seal


Year founded: 2010
Number of staff: 15
Product: Hardware and software for energy data recording
Managing directors: Dr Stephan Theis and Andreas Rapp
  • 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas 2011
  • 2016 Growth Champion – Ranked third in the Energy & Suppliers category
  • Hannover Messe
  • E-world Energy & Water Essen
  • Energieeffizienzmesse Frankfurt
  • tabto Foundation
  • Lasar & Augustin Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • Craftspace GmbH
  • Dresden University of Technology
  • Fresenius University of Applied Sciences
  • Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences


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