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Stephan Wegerer is a “future designer” for companies that want to succeed. Even before the big digitalisation hype he was already concerned with how to use technologies to create innovative solutions for customers. Already at a young age, he was in charge of the Adidas Group's innovation team. He is passionate about generating the best possible business models, and this was also evident in his own company, which is, today, the world market leader in software for innovation management. Besides his entrepreneurial activities, he now supports companies as an expert in strengthening and positioning themselves for the future. With his talks, Stephan Wegerer opens his audiences' eyes with regard the possibilities offered by the future, making them want to have a hand in actively shaping change. In his books, he gives concrete recommendations as to how every company can become a high-performance enterprise.


Innovate or die!

  • How companies use digitalisation for sustainable growth.
  • How to quickly and accurately develop the business models of the future
  • What the really relevant trends and technologies for your company are

Digital excellence – more profit through automation and digitalisation

  • Start digitalising today!
  • How to identify digitalisation potentials in your current business and how to arrive at a digitalisation roadmap
  • Using sustainable technology for your own individual competitive advantage

New business with the "start-up-accelerator" – how to quickly and securely establish new digital companies

  • How to define clear goals for the new company and ensure they are achieved
  • How to quickly and successfully set up new companies outside the operational business with the "Ideate-Validate-Build-Scale-Principle"
  • How to get the right resources (entrepreneurs, team and technology) to be successful with your company and not endanger the operational business operations


“Very quick powers of perception and understanding of the problem, strategic foresight and experience in creating competitiveness with digitalisation. Mr W. is an incredibly motivating person with a great background and the will to shape the topics together as a sparring partner. Whoever engages with his high speed can profit beyond all measure.” Alexander Voggenauer, Head Online uvex group


“He has coached or supported them well – has super know-how –hardly anyone has such specific knowledge about digitalisation as he does – you also notice that he's already worked in companies himself and therefore doesn't give just superficial advice, but gives really practical advice and assists with the actual implementation. The project was very successful – lots of problems and inefficiencies were pointed out – there was a large document with recommendations for action – very professional.” Saskia Fackelmann, Associate, FACKELMANN GmbH & Co. KG


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