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Stephane Garelli - a world authority on competitiveness - has pioneered research in this field
for 25 years. Professor at IMD (Institute of Management Development) Lausanne, where
he has founded the World Competitiveness Centre, he is also professor at the University of
Lausanne. Professor Garelli is closely connected to the world of business. Professor Garelli
was the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and of the Davos Symposium
for many years. For twelve years he was also permanent senior adviser to the European
management of Hewlett-Packard. He is also a member of the International Olympic Committee
commission on Sustainability and Legacy. He is the author of numerous publications
on competitiveness and global business, and he published his best-selling book „Top Class
Competitors - How Nations, Firms and Individuals Succeed in the New World of Competitiveness“
with Wiley. His latest book in French is: “Are you a Tiger, a Cat or a Dinosaur?’, chez
Slatkine, Genève. He was a member of the Constitutional Assembly of his local state - Vaud,
Switzerland from 1999 to 2002.


Presentation Outline
The world economy enters a new era of fragility characterized by weaker growth, financial, monetary and price instability. Although still global, it is increasingly desynchronized and fragmented.
  • How can companies win in this new world?
  • How can they implement business models which are more resilient, more simple and adapted to local markets?
  • What is the so-called “new normal” which will shape our economic and business environment in 2016?
  • And what will be the management competencies and the personal skills which will define success?
Objective of the presentation
“Strategy is the evolution of a central idea through continually changing circumstances” (Clausewitz). The presentation thus highlights these “changing circumstances” which shape the economic and business environment in which a global company operates today. A key determinant of success is not only to have the “right” objectives for the company but to have also a strategy which is “in sync” with the fast changing world. Format of the presentation
Stephane Garelli is reputed for his trade mark graphics combining an attractive visual style with a simple illustration of ideas, and a limited use of numbers. The presentation is dynamic, fast moving, to the point, business like, forward and “so what” oriented. It also tries to show that an economic presentation can have content without necessarily being boring…


  • Professor at IMD Business School Lausanne
  • Founder of the World Competitiveness Center
  • Professor at the University of Lausanne
  • Chairman of the newspaper Le Temps
  • Member, International Olympic Committee commission on Sustainability and Legacy