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Profiler Suzanne enlightens - cases as well as people, because without truth no solution succeeds! Profiler Suzanne, that is 27 years of distilled experience in investigation for criminology, business and science. Thanks to her social media reach, she has cult status as a macro-influencer. She is one of the top 10 CEOs on LinkedIn. The Sat. 1 series K11 dedicated an entire profiler week to her, and she also analyzes cases on ProSieben JenkeCrime. These are just a few of many reasons why she hosts her own TV shows on AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV. Her stage performance has won multiple awards, both as speaker (Best Speaker National 2019) and stage artist (Fame Forest 2020) of her own stage shows, with which she fills whole arenas. Profiler Suzanne takes her audiences into the world of investigators and elite commandos. She teaches how special operations forces think, feel, and act, how they manage the unpredictable, the unplannable, and the impossible, and how they guarantee maximum success in real challenges with minimal options. She is a best-selling author, lecturer, know-how investor and Head of Think Tank of the German economy.



  • DER GAMECHANGER – Tailored to your situation, you and your audience will be brought forward in a minimally invasive way to the maximum.


  • CONTROLLED CRAZY – Using serial offenders as examples, profiler Suzanne shows how violence occurs and how to escape violence.


  • THE CLASSIC – Lectures with spot-on punchlines, polished language and unexpected insights on profiling people and success skills.
    What makes a leader?
    Detect idiots and psychopaths
    007 steps to success
    Combat power for the ultimate competition
    Unbreakability – even in ultimate disasters


„THE profiler!“ Focus

„One of the best in the world!“ UBS

„Sought-after advice!“ Süddeutsche

„Highly gifted!“ BR

„As elegant as the Queen, as charming as Bond, as intelligent as Holmes!“ Zukunft Training

„With Profiler Suzanne it’s Mission Possible!“ Q-Magazin

„You know those damned good-looking female agents in American films? Profiler Suzanne turns every stage into a gripping film! Her knowledge is brilliant, immediately effective and is delivered in high doses!“ Sprecherhaus

„Profiler Suzanne – she‘s like opening the window to get some fresh air during a storm.“ RessourcePeople

„She‘s our wild card when it comes to making a demanding audience happy!“ CDU


"I wish to thank Ulrich Wegener (Founder GSG9) for the unparalleled leadership inspiration.
I wish to thank Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple) for the unique excellence inspiration.
I wish to thank Simon Sinek (Why) for the profound motivational inspiration.
Personality, power, sense – use them!“


Expert Marketplace -  Suzanne Grieger-Langer - Die 7 Säulen der Macht

Die 7 Säulen der Macht

Profiler's Publishing
Expert Marketplace -  Suzanne Grieger-Langer - Deppen-Detox: Befreie Dich von Pfeifen und Psychopathen

Deppen-Detox: Befreie Dich von Pfeifen und Psychopathen

Profiler's Publishing



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