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The realistic team player and the visionary storyteller – the highly contrasting entrepreneurial dream team of Sven Hager (right) and Jonas Keller (left) has created an extraordinary creative company: the EXPLAIN presentation agency. Despite their differences, they are united in their conviction that great presentations have the power to move people. Jonas Keller, originally a trainee at EXPLAIN, is now a managing director who leads the crew with passion, decisiveness and empathy. Sven Hager is the founder and a passionate presenter. As a self-taught man and a creative mind, he is constantly developing novel approaches and methods. In down-to-earth talks, the dream team inspire their audience with their success story and set off a regular firework display of practical impulses and novel methods.


The EXPLAIN success story – about the art of moving people
  • Vision, values, storytelling - how to write history with your company.
  • From being a one-man agency to a market leader – how to master growth in the tough agency business and create a company that will outlive the founder.
  • How great presentations can move people, markets and businesses.
Founder on hiatus. From an independent entrepreneur to an independent enterprise
  • How to lead a business idea to excellence and create a company that works even without you.
  • How to inform your employees, involve them and systematically entrust them with responsibility.
  • Sabbaticals: what it means to let go, get out, and have new life experiences.
Y not? – transparent leadership style for a questioning generation
  • How you can succed in leading Generation Y rather than managing it.
  • How you can succed in developing new managers from your junior staff.
  • What you need to do to understand the new generation and keep them loyal to your business.


Founding year: 2004
Headcount: 40 (2017)
Industry: advertising agency (creative agency)
Turnover: approx. €2.7m (2016)
USP: holistic development of presentations (content + slides + person = "presentoric") In 2017, EXPLAIN GmbH was listed by the Financial Times Europe (in cooperation with Statista) as being one of the 1,000 strongest growing companies in Europe. References: Adidas, ABB, Bridgestone, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Deutscher Bundestag, Haufe, Heel, Nestlé, Microsoft, MHP, Porsche, Tele5, TEDx and many more "Sven Hager is many things, a visionaryÂ…, leader... and now he's also a weather-beaten sailor." KA-News 01.04.2015 "Jonas Keller actually wanted to study and become a manager. But everything turned out quite differently..." Süddeutsche Zeitung, June 2016 



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