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Thomas Doell is probably the "enfant terrible" of the speakers - unadjusted and not to be classified in templates. The farmer's son loves nature and sports (marathon best time under 3 hours). Movement is his life. He also enjoys peace and contemplation. The father of two adult children lives from a deep spirituality. Thomas Doell, who holds a degree in theology and a doctorate in philosophy, inspires as an inspirer, gives hope and comfort as a pastor and, as a missionary bishop, helps the poorest people in South America. At the same time, as a trainer and mentor, Thomas Doell has been developing top salespeople, executives and overall companies to the best of their abilities for over 30 years. His clients are primarily value- and meaning-driven companies. Doell's presentations inspire with dynamism and excite with fascinating energy. He touches hearts with his spiritual depth and human honesty.



  • Why leadership knowledge is no longer enough
  • Genuineness vs. education and mental knowledge
  • The 5 basic principles of sovereign leadership
  • People need role models and not know-it-alls
  • Complexity is the enemy of success

You will never recognize the winner at the start - never!

  • Your attitude decides
  • Mind beats matter
  • You can get from anywhere to anywhere!
  • Giving up is not an option! Never!


  • About the nonsense of teambuilding
  • Types need the team: From the best I to the strongest team
  • Success teams need disruption and provocation
  • Mediocrity and harmony as the nail in the coffin of ambition and success.
  • Obsession, passion, empathy and humility - the game changers for top team success

Sales trainings are for the ton!

  • Just be yourself!
  • Character and Spirit over Knowledge and Technique
  • Naturally successful - not artificially tense
  • Reduced to the maximum
  • People need you as a person, not as a salesperson

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Aut request: Personal Scouting® / personal accompaniment
for personal or business challenges

Transformation through spirit

Life Spirit®: the success principle of life

Highest energy through inspiration!


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