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Thomas M. Stein is one of the music industry’s top managers. The former judge of the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (part of the international Idol franchise) has helped globally renowned artists like Falco and Alicia Keys to achieve success. The self-made man who worked his way up from being a trainee to being the head of one of the biggest media groups is distinguished by his tireless drive, willpower, purposefulness and willingness to take risks. Through his incredible initiative and clear talent for innovation, he became the face of an entire industry as an entrepreneur. This entertainment pro’s stimulating presentations are the highlight of any event. Thomas M. Stein applies professional and practical techniques to describe how to identify new trends early on, achieve your goals even in unconventional ways, seize opportunities, and simultaneously motivate your team to put in top performances!


From star manager to manager star
  • A look behind the scenes in the world of glitz and glamour
  • How does a successful manager handle challenges?
  • Shaping your own personal career
  • Teams + trends – what business can learn from the music industry
  • The music industry as a trendsetting model for business
  • Achieving a unique product off the beaten track
  • Teamwork as the key to success
The first note is key: Why all of life is a casting
  • How to impress in life’s casting
  • The limits and opportunities of self-presentation
  • Starring in key moments with optimism, self-confidence and strength
  • Come, all ye customers: Every company has star qualities
  • Positioning a company as a trendsetter
  • Social media as an indicator of true brand quality
  • Customer loyalty through product emotionality
The best boy band: How management teams can become even more successful
  • Optimised team formation
  • A top manager’s formula for success
  • Conflict-resolution strategies for difficult situations


  • RTL
  • Versatel
  • Openaxs Verband
  • REWE
  • Sparkassen
  • RT-Reisen
  • Genossenschaftsverband
“He’s an expert in selling products with emotions, and has experience from which even travel agencies can benefit from.” Thomas Bösl, Raiffeisen Tours Kooperation RTK
“Over almost 2 hours, the speaker impressed his audience with his competent and incredibly down-to-earth manner.” Thalia
“He has put a face to the German music industry.” SZ Magazin
“The star maker” DER SPIEGEL
“One of Europe’s biggest label managers.” profil
“A great PR man.” STERN
“One of the most influential movers and shakers” FAZ
“Stein also nails the role of the merciless godfather…” DER SPIEGEL
“From humble trainee to smart star”
Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung



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