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Tobias Beck, purser, entrepreneur, international speaker and author of "šSpiegel"˜, is a expert when it comes to success with personality. He studied psychology, built a international direct sales with more than 1,900 sales partners and finally finds his passion: personality development. Tobias Beck has been successfully consulting for years SMEs, CEOs and various DAX companies on their way to success. Especially with the personality and motivation models developed by him, he inspires millions online and gives impulses for a positive change in life, the thinking of success and corporate culture. Up to now he has given live over 350,000 people on more than 2,500 seminar days enthusiastic and motivated. Unique, full of energy, liberating & inspiring - the extraordinary speeches of Tobias Beck gives across the generations for everyone something special. It makes you want to change, to live your full potential and manages to create an atmosphere of we-feeling and to create a spirit of optimism.


RESIDENTIAL FREE® to more success

  • How to implement 20 years of experience in motivation
    and behavioral psychology in your company and achieve
    measurable success.
  • How to reach, touch and activate people with the latest findings
    in behavioral and motivational psychology.
  • How to create a productive working environment for more drive
    and zest for life and achieve business goals.

„ANIMAL HUMAN TYPES“ – The language of success

  • How to recognize dolphins, owls, whales and sharks in your
    company, how to communicate in a manner appropriate to their
    type and how to motivate them to perform at their best.
  • How to recognize the motives and characteristics of your
    counterpart and how to deal with them in a goal-oriented way.
  • How you can sustainably improve the communication
    culture in your company and create a working climate for top

CHANGE IT UP – Shaping changes successfully

  • How to win over people and take them with you.
  • How to bring the Spirit for Change into the daily work routine
    and open employees for change.
  • How to create a mindset for change and actively shape change.

Further topics:

  • Restart – The end of the world fails
  • Business Realtalk – Say what nobody else says
  • Direct sales & MLM - The way to the top!


His partners include:
Facebook, Jochen Schweizer, Amercian Express, Lufthansa, Bertelsmann, Vorwerk, Peek&Cloppenburg, Bugatti, McDonalds, Sparkasse, Schülerhilfe, 1&1, Barmenia Versicherungen, DELL, Provinzial, Braun, Deutsche Bank, AXA, Lenovo, L`Osteria, Europcar, Volksbank, GEDANKENtanken, IKK, DAK

Well known from:
Sat. 1, BILD, Huffpost, FOCUS, HR1, SWR1, Wirtschaftswoche

„One of Germany‘s most popular motivators.“ Focus

„Known companies book him.“ WELT

„Shooting star of the industry.“ Handelsblatt

„(...) Tobias Beck always succeeded excellently in adapting to the
different groups." Katrin Grassl, Deutsche Lufthansa AG

„(...) He does without the usual motivators ‚Chi-Chi‘, instead he picks
everyone up at eye level and touches them personally.“
Stephan Horst, Head of Marketing, BUGATTI GmbH

„(...) Tobias prevents uniformity. Every event that we do together
becomes something special.“ Mario Bauer, CEO Vapiano


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