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A well-known computer magazine once wrote that Tobias Schrödel is the „first IT-Comedian“.
And really, he explains technical vulnerabilities and correlations in a way everybody can
understand while not letting the fun miss out. As a qualified IT specialist, Tobias worked many years as a consultant for one of the biggest world-wide IT and telecommunications corporation – so he knows what he is talking about.


Since 2011 he has been the face, whenever IT-security and technology stories are aired in the German TV show „stern TV“. Schrödel explains various technical topics for everyone to understand .His first book “Hacking für Manager” was awarded the getAbstract award as the best business book of the year 2011 and is available today in the fourth edition as “Ich glaube, es hackt!” in German language. He writes a weekly column, a blog and regularly articles in computer magazines (e.g. computerBILD).
For almost 14 years, Tobias Schroedel has worked for TSystems International as a consultant for IT security. Before that, he had been responsible for the development of logistic solutions in the Enterprise Business Segment of United Parcel Service Europe. He is a certified instructor for IT specialists und is working for the German Chamber of Commerce as an auditor of soon to be IT specialists for over a decade.
Personally, Tobias has been dealing with historical cryptanalysis and system vulnerabilities in everyday products for many years. He wants to raise awareness and have the audience start to think about their behaviour. Schrödel is an expert on historical ciphers. He was the first to find a way to break short Vignère chiffres – a 450 year old cipher system. He collects crypto machines and old books on cryptology.


Accenture, Air Plus, AOK Systems, Bundesregierung, Bundeswehr
Creditreform, DATEV, DB Schenker, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche
Bank, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, DFN, E.ON, Ferchau
Engineering, Fiducia, Fujitsu Siemens, Genua, HSBC, IBM, KPMG,
Lufthansa, Management Circle, marcus evans, Mitsubishi Elektronics,
Ostd. Sparkassenverb., PWC, Provinzial Versicherung
Raiffeisenbank, Rockwool, RWE, Sandoz, SAP, Siemens, Sparkassen,
T-Systems Internat., Techdata, TÜV Süd & Nord, VGH
Versicherung, Wacker Chemie, Wincor Nixdorf


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