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Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer, a doctor, best-selling author, meditation trainer and keynote speaker, is regarded as a leading expert in energy, stress and health management. He has also made a name for himself as one of the most renowned Ayurveda practitioners outside of India. As early as 1978, he promoted "The Circulatory Physiological Effects in Transcendental Meditation", which has since been accepted as a highly effective strategy for increasing stress resistance, resilience and productivity in the fields of business and science. Dr. Bauhofer is one of the pioneers who successfully combined modern school medicine with thousands of years of medical knowledge. He has been advising companies for more than 20 years, is a sought-after speaker and holds seminars, especially for executives. In his talks, he thrills his audience with important and inspiring impulses for a successful life. He shows his audience the best way to become an energy millionaire – true to the motto of "energy is like money – if you generate more than you use up, you will gain in wealth."


Manage your energy, not just your time
  • What exactly is energy and how do we gain it?
  • How to identify and reduce your energy thieves
  • How to recognise the signs of toxic stress and chronic exhaustion and to take appropriate measures
  • How you can learn to use the magic of the "space in between" and to gain energy
  • How to handle stress with confidence, boost resilience and increase the success in your life
Energy management: the 10 most important energy boosters for a successful life
  • How to keep an eye on the four most important factors that create stress and how to handle them wisely
  • How to intelligently manage your energy account and increase your lust for life
  • How to pay careful attention to the 10 most important sources of energy and regularly replenish your energy tank
Further topics:
  • The best way to become an energy millionaire
  • Your energy balance in credit – how to fill up your energy tank


Dr. Ulrich Bauhofer established and directed the largest Ayurveda clinic in Europe for more than ten years. At present, he runs a practice in Munich. He is the chairman of the German Society for Ayurveda, co-initiator of the Weimarer Visionen as well as the Festival of Thought, is a co-founder of the YOOU brand, a best-selling author and has been a sought-after expert on the topic of health in the media for decades.

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