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Vince Ebert, best-selling author, TV presenter and cabaret artist, studied physics in Würzburg. He worked in an international management consultancy and in market research before beginning his stage career in 1998. His programme „Thinking is worthwhile“ made him famous as a science-based cabaret artist, who captivates both lay people and scientific experts with wit and humour. Since September 2016, he has again been touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland with his new stage show „Zukunft is the Future“. For DAS ERSTE (ARD), one of Germany‘s main TV channels, Vince Ebert has regularly hosted the popular science programme „Wissen vor acht – Werkstatt“. His books have sold more than 500,000 copies. With his theme „Successful by accident“, he gives companies fresh impetus, enriches the congress with his clever and provocative thoughts, and encourages
people to go down unconventional paths. Vince Ebert is guaranteed top-notch infotainment, a man who knows how to make your event an emotional experience.


Success model evolution – What the market economy can learn from nature

  • Why planning everything down to the last detail leads to a dead end
  • How to achieve peak performance using the „Trial & Error“ method
  • Efficiency kills success – why the Tyrannosaurus Rex is extinct
  • How to use chance as an engine for creativity, progress and innovation

Further presentation topics. Thinking is worthwhile. Stay curious!

  • Do you believe in chance? No? In his lecture, Vince Ebert presents examples from science, neuromarketing and chaos theory, demonstrating where we encounter chance everywhere and why we find it so hard to deal with it.
  • But it is precisely these coincidences that are necessary for creativity, progress and innovation. After all, the most successful system of our universe – evolution – is based on the principle of chance.
  • Ebert shows what we can learn from nature with regard to success strategies and how scientists and entrepreneurs have specifically exploited chance for their own benefit. Which business strategies are needed in order to be able to respond flexibly to unpredictable events and to be competitive in the future, too?


Alpensymposium, AOK Plus, ARD, Bayer AG, Commerzbank AG, DATEV eG, Deutscher Hochschulverband, Felix Burda Award, Genossenschaftsverband e.V., Grimme Online Awards, Handelsblatt GmbH, MARKANT Handels und Service GmbH, Marken-Award, MINT Botschafterkonferenz, Swiss Real Estate, TEDxTalk, Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, Zukunftsinstitut GmbH “Vince Ebert is not only a graduate physicist and cabaret artist, but also has the ability to differentiate between laboratory conditions and reality. This means he has decisive advantages over business consultants and controllers, not only with regard to humour.“ Jürgen Diessl, Publishing Director ECON “Vince Ebert offers a brilliant fireworks display that completely enlightens the audience with humorous flights of fancy, a scientific world view and philosophical potency. Absolutely unique.“ 
Andreas Steinle, Zukunftsinstitut “Vince Ebert combines science, humour and business in a unique way. The highlight of every event!“ Boris Grundl


“When I studied physics, I was particularly inspired by Nobel laureate Richard Feynman. Feynman was clear, clever and wonderfully self-deprecating. He one wrote: ‚Anyone who has spent his life engaged in physics and isn‘t crazy has never understood a thing .‘ And he‘s right! Feynman was also a brilliant writer and scholar who wanted to be understood. Thanks to Feynman, I have learned how to convey difficult issues by means of simple images and imaginative metaphors. On the other hand, he showed that you can have fun with science.“



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