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The term "infotainment" was coined for keynote speakers like him: Lawyer Professor Römermann succeeds in inimitably captivating his audience with illustrative examples from his professional practice, while also delving into or bringing home to them awkward subjects. That is why he is the first choice for many companies when they are looking for a keynote speech for a New Year's reception or a customer event, or want a moderator who can provide a suitable framework for their company with humorous interludes and introductions. When it comes to the range of topics, keynote speaker Volker Römermann offers a wide selection of current trends such as "fairness" and topics with a legal connection. He is happy to adapt his lectures to suit the event in question. It's not for nothing that Professor Römermann has been a "Certified Speaking Professional" since 2014, a globally recognised designation for a speaker with a top-notch speaking ability.


  • Fair play as a core value.
  • Fairness and compliance.
  • Fairness culture in companies.
Compliance in SMEs – the new rules of the game
  • Do gifts keep friendships going?
  • Compliance guidelines – duty and choice
  • You can't do without it – compliance culture in practice in business!
Negotiation management
  • Avoid pitfalls – how to draw up legally secure contracts.
  • Negotiation psychology – identify and ward off attempts at manipulation.
  • How to prepare your transaction strategically and professionally and thus safely achieve your goals.
Company succession in SMEs
  • Company Succession 101.
  • The family business as bone of contention – how to define, embody and reconcile roles with the company.
  • From old-school patriarch to the smart manager of Generation Y.
  • Impact of the European Succession Regulation.
  • Avoidance of the statutory share of the inheritance and claims for an augmented statutory share
  • Advice on writing a will


"I am very impressed by Professor Römermann, who today enthused his listeners with intelligent texts, eloquent words and a down-to-earth lecture style. In addition, his entertaining manner and ability to tell stories from everyday life help to make people aware of the gist of his speech in an enduring way. My warm congratulations. Professor Volker Römermann is a must for me! Wow!“ 
Andreas Buhr, President of the German Speakers Association
"I'm always thrilled when I listen to Professor Römermann. We invited him to join us at our company breakfast. He initiated the "5 minutes of law" rubric there and in such a lively, cheerful and great way as one cannot actually convey the principles of law. I am still completely bowled over by it."
Karl-Wilhelm Veigt, Director, BVMW Wirtschaftsregion Hannover
"Professor Römermann was able to communicate the abstract topic of compliance to our colleagues from the technical and commercial sectors in an understandable and comprehensible way. He didn't shy away from using 'theatrical' passages to keep the audience in a good mood and interested in the subject and answered all questions with practical examples. "
Babette Soltau, Legal and Personnel Director, Vossloh Rail Services GmbH...  


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