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Walter Kohl, entrepreneur, speaker, author and coach, studied history and economics at Harvard and in Vienna, as well as business administration at INSEAD. After working in investment banking in New York, he spent more than 10 years as a manager at German corporate groups. Since 2005, Walter Kohl and his wife have run a German-Korean automotive supplies company. Following an existential crisis in 2001, he found renewed strength and inner peace through conciliation and appreciation. Walter Kohl is passionate about helping other people to enjoy life more and shape their own lives. In 2011, he released the bestseller Leben oder gelebt werden, and in 2013 the manual Leben was du fühlst. With his mentor Anselm Grün, he wrote the book Was uns wirklich trägt in 2014. Among his customers are renowned SMEs and international corporate groups. As an inspirer and encourager, he thrills audiences with well-founded, authentic knowledge about power and shaping lives.


Power and powerlessness – What power does power have over me?
  • What makes power power?
  • When does power become powerlessness?
  • What power does power have over me?
  • Power-tripper or confident authority – you decide!
  • Loneliness – the coldness of power
  • Taking no prisoners
  • Arrogance, smugness – Self-perceptions vs. external perceptions
  • Who pays what price?
  • Opportunism – a necessary consequence?
  • My legacy, sources of power
Shaping changes – How old energy sappers can become new sources of power
  • How to learn to accept changes as a fact, maintain inner clarity, and unlock new opportunities for action
  • How to identify new sources of power
  • How to identify and eliminate current blocks, and transform old energy sappers into new sources of power
  • How to utilise this new potential to open up and actively apply new perspectives
  • How to apply your new energy to successful team-building
Other topics:
  • Intercultural management – Stories from more than 10 yearsÂ’ experience
  • Everyday German-Korean business relations
  • What really carries us through – About successful living
  • Active or passive living – inspirations for new confidence


“The ‘Power source for decision-makers’ presentation showed the audience ways and means of processing experiences and sensibly using the energy obtained. We enjoyed listening to a dynamic presentation by the authentic speaker Mr Kohl. Throughout the presentation, Mr Kohl was able to actively incorporate participants into the discussions through controversial questions. The theories drawn on from his own life sparked reflection, and had the participants continuing to discuss them even after the event. This helped lastingly establish networks with various managers from many different fields. We thank Mr Kohl, and will be glad to recommend him.”
Siegfried Bülow, CEO, Porsche Leipzig GmbH “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again sincerely for your presentation during our customer event. Your ideas on problem-solving strategies and power sources led to many constructive conversations at a completely different level.”
Ulrich Voigt, Executive Board Member, Sparkasse Köln/Bonn “Your presentation was very well received. I have heard nothing but positive feedback (from managers, employees, customers). This is very pleasing, and I hope you think so too. Our executive board sends their fondest regards. And would like to know whether you would consider coming back to Laupheim to give another presentation in future.”
Hans Fleischhut, CEO, Volksbank Laupheim “Very interesting. Very stimulating. We would have loved to listen a bit longer. It is very admirable for Mr Kohl to be where he is today given his very difficult life. We would definitely consider booking Mr Kohl again.” Participant feedback, prize-giving ceremony for the Förderpreis Beton, CEMEX AG, Düsseldorf




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