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Wladislaw Jachtchenko is one of the most popular experts, an excellent lecturer and author on manipulation and argumentative persuasion techniques. In his keynote "Dark Rhetoric - Manipulation Through Language", he not only reveals nasty manipulation tricks, but also demonstrates ways in which anyone can master these tricks since manipulation attempts are buzzing everywhere around us every day. He is one of the most successful speakers worldwide (World Debating Championship quarter-finalist, TOP10-Speaker at the European Debating Championship). Since 2007, Wladislaw Jachtchenko has worked closely with politicians, executives and employees of well-known companies such as Alliance, BMW, Pro7, Westwing and 3M. His keynote "Best Persuasion Techniques" also contains many surprises like secrets how we can convince our conversation partner in seconds and how to react quickly to pretexts and half-truths. As “darling of the audience” at many debating finals, he explains succinctly what tricks to use in order to be remembered by your customers.


"Dark Rhetoric: Manipulation through Language"
  • Why and when people can be manipulated by language
  • Logical fallacies and how to refute them
  • Lingutic tricks and what you can do against them
  • Cognitive biases and how to (mis-)use them
"Best persuasion techniques" 
  • The 10 best persuasion techniques
  • How to quickly find the best arguments 
  • How to get own negative emotions under control
  • How to think of the best answer immediately, instead of 24 hours later
"Charismatic appearance" 
  • The secrets of the charisma code
  • Smart attitudes of charismatic people 
  • Body language and voice of charismatic people
  • How you become more charismatic in 45min 
In-house trainings:
  • successful negotiation
  • argumentation training
  • rhetoric for executives
  • professional conflict management
  • presentation training
  • Increase efficiency & effectivity
  • the perfect elevator pitch
  • employee development training
  • sales training
  • quick-wittedness
  • rhetoric seminars in Mallorca


Excerpt from his references:  Allianz, BMW, 3M, Generali, Swiss RE, Trivago, Accenture, Axel Springer, Pro7, Tengelmann, Sixt, Bundesdruckerei, Police Headquarters Munich, Capgemini, Westwing, Ventum, Paypal, HypoVereinsbank, Platinion, Neimcke, LMU, Tennet, AED Engineering, EVA Automotive Engineering and many more. Testimonials: "His keynote speeches are outstanding. With a lot of wit and humour, Mr. Jachtchenko turns every topic into an event! Every employee can take something from the lectures for their daily work. We look forward to the next keynote." Georg Schmidt, CEO of Gerotron Communication GmbH "We have been working together with Mr. Jachtchenko for years. These are valuable keynote speeches and rhetoric trainings for our team and extremely effective individual coachings for our managers." 
Sascha Schumann, CEO of Myra Security GmbH Awards as Speaker:
  • Top10 speaker in Europe (European Debating Championship)
  • Quarter-finalist at the World Debating Championship
  • Finalist and Best Speaker at international competitions, including London, Paris, Berlin, Manchester, Istanbul, Moscow, Mainz, Stuttgart, Split, Cluj and many others



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