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Wolfgang Bönisch, a Business Administration graduate, author, consultant and keynote speaker, is an expert in difficult negotiations at the limit. In his more than 40 years in business, he has negotiated just about everything imaginable: his life, the lives of others, contracts worth millions, relationships, jobs, company agreements, target agreements, budgets, and so on. He is a successful author and co-author of several books and audiobooks on the art of negotiation. As a 'negotiations rescuer', he helps his clients negotiate better results. In his talks, seminars and publications, he passes on his profound knowledge and insights from his diverse experiences and ensures better negotiation results among his audiences, clients and readers. He delights his audiences with a refreshing and, at the same time, well-founded 'fireworks display' of practical impulses for practical application. True to his motto of "You are what you negotiate!", Wolfgang Bönisch motivates his participants to enter into every round of negotiation with more courage, clarity and effectiveness and to achieve a better conclusion.


Attitude. Power. Successful negotiations.
  • You are what you negotiate: identify you inner and outer strengths, cast off dogma, and develop the mindset of a winner for every negotiation
  • Dare to say "No" more often: this is how you protect yourself and your interests and enforce your goals in the negotiations
  • How to counter the power games of the manipulators with aplomb
Negotiating 4.0: digital, agile, online and at any time
  • How to successfully negotiate in and with agile companies
  • What your digital footprint means for the outcome of the negotiations and how to deal with it 
  • How to attain your negotiation goals digitally and online and avoid the 'any time trap'
GAIN MORE: 8 steps to your negotiation success 
  • How to enter negotiations well prepared and better achieve your negotiation goals thanks to GAIN MORE
  • How you can skilfully say "no" to attacks and unfair demands
  • How to deal with emotions and come to a successful conclusion
Successful negotiations in a competitive environment
  • How to negotiate more successfully with powerful buyers
  • How to skilfully come to a conclusion even when the competition is strong
  • How to manage the negotiation process to avoid making any unnecessary concessions  


Some reference customers: Kendrion, Schüco, Eisenmann, Intec, Tradu4You, Activision, Magna, Electrolux, Servier, Grünenthal, capgemini, Oracle, VMWare, Akamai, Bausch&Lomb, IMS:Gear, Wünsche Group, Toys"R"Us "Hello, Mr Bönisch, it was, as always, a highlight for my team – thanks!" Boris Weber, Sales Director Kendrion (Villingen), GmbH Industrial Drive Services "In the short space of time available, Wolfgang Bönisch managed to shed light on all aspects of negotiations and then responded individually to participants' problems." Harald Fischer, Sparda "The expectations were met in full." Uwe Probst, IMS Gear "Probably the best seminar ever." Gordon Cliffton, banker from London "Thanks, your talk at E-Werk was great!" M.P. via XING




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