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Prof. Wolfgang Henseler is the founder and Managing Creative Director of SENSORY-MINDS, a design studio for new media and innovative technologies. He also holds a professorship in Digital Media and Master of Creative Directions at Pforzheim University. He is the founder and course director of the „Intermedia Design“ degree programme and teaches in the fields of „Digital Transformation“, „Design and Innovation Thinking“, „Next Generation Business Model“ and „User Experience“. He is an expert in customer- and user-centred 4.0 business solutions and a specialist in media-based brand experiences and design thinking. As a visionary, catalyst and guide on the „new“ way of thinking in the digital age, Prof. Henseler inspires and coaches renowned companies. His focus here is on mediating future opportunities and possibilities for enterprises, society and politics. In his lectures, he thrills his audience with a variety of practice-relevant examples, making them positively look forward to the digital future!


The digital transformation and its impact on the economy, society and our lives
  • How innovative technologies and smart media are changing our way of thinking
  • How to recognise the potential of the „new“ and use it for your enterprise
  • How to start your transformation process with the correct method
  • How to achieve user-centred solutions that bring about competitive advantages with a significant competitive edge, thus ensuring sustainable corporate success
Business Innovation 4.0 – how to think in the age of 4.0 in
order to succeed
  • How to see where you stand
  • How to develop your company‘s specific objective image
  • How to set the right priorities and milestones
  • How to create an innovative work environment, empoweremployees and actively design the transformation and change with methods.

The 4.0 theme can be explained with examples for each sector (e.g. Pharma 4.0, Energy 4.0, Auto 4.0, Marketing 4.0, etc.)
Big data driven business – From product to data-based
business models
  • How to recognize the value of your data and develop a business model from them

Transformation coaching – How to implement your digital strategy step by step 


SENSORY-MINDS Established: 2009 Employees: 40 Industry: Internet Area of operations: worldwide USP: people-centred thinking
Adidas, Apple, Commerzbank, dm drugstore, Google, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, RWE, SAP, Volkswagen and many more


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