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Yasemin Yazan studied law and adult education. As an international keynote speaker, practitioner and scientist with more than 3,000 days of experience in the field of digital transformation, she is an authority in her field. She is an editor and a multiple bestselling author as well as internationally represented in various media such as TV and radio shows. She has interviewed the actor, film director and producer Mel Gibson and has already stood on the same stage as Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Dr. Phil, George H. Ross, JT Foxx and Tony Robbins with more than 10,000 attendees. For 15 years, she has accompanied international companies such as Lufthansa and Wall Street Institute on their path to transformation. In her lectures, she inspires CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals alike. She unites visible short-term success with sustainable cultural development to
prepare companies for the new digital and social changes and to raise them to the next level. She encourages people for a pioneering spirit and to break new ground.


Spaceship – The journey towards the future – The path to market leadership
  • How we really understand the connections of digitalization, make decisions and define innovative and strategic goals
  • How we package the defined goals into a set of measures and start taking action
  • How we bring about a creative environment, magnetically attract talented experts and conquer the market of the future with a pioneering spirit
The Silicon Valley Mindset – How pioneering spirit and innovation lead to success!
  • What characterizes the Silicon Valley culture and how we can integrate, internalize and profit from it in our daily business life
  • How a culture of communication and error becomes the key factor to success
  • How we put our innovation culture to the test, unite tradition and innovation, gain momentum and become the market maker
Employer Branding – The market hasn't been swept clean, they just don't want to be in your company!
  • "New Work" – how we create a work environment that attracts high potentials
  • How we become an excellent model company and make our corporate brand shine
  • How the team becomes the brand ambassador of the company and thus secures the next generation as if by itself


Customers: Lufthansa, DB HR Solutions, Wall Street Institute, Evonik, ODDO BHF Bank, Süwag. "When we worked together as part of the Optimization Network Business project to implement a workforce management system, particularly with regard to shaping the change process in order to achieve sustainable change, I experienced Yasemin Yazan's absolute feel for people: she grasps, in an impressive way, key interests and issues as well as the fears and concerns of key figures."
Wolfgang Geis, Head of Asset Management, Syna GmbH "I was lucky to experience Yasemin live on the topic of "Finding, binding and developing superstar professionals in the age of digitalization. That's what I call edutainment: inspiring, instructive and humorous. Totally worth seeing!"
Ingo Weltz, Owner of Zoom Internetagentur – Marken sichtbar machen



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