Expert Marketplace calendar

Welcome to our FAQs about calendar synchronization in Expert Marketplace! Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of your calendars with our system:

1. How do I synchronize my Expert Marketplace calendar with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365?

To synchronize your calendar with Expert Marketplace, connect your Google or Microsoft account via the "Integrations" item in your account settings. Follow the instructions ...

2. Are changes in my Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 automatically updated in Expert Marketplace?

Yes, once your calendar is connected, any changes you make in your Google Calendar or Microsoft 365 will be automatically synchronized with Expert Marketplace. Note: Calendars are updated hourly, so you may not see the changes immediately.

3. How can I set availabilities in my calendar for bookings?

You can set the times you are usually available in Expert Marketplace. Appointments in your calendar are also used to display your availability in the booking calendar as accurately as possible and to avoid overlaps with your existing appointments.

4 What happens when I change an appointment in my calendar

The calendars are updated hourly, so you may not be able to see the changes immediately.

5. Can I synchronize multiple calendars with Expert Marketplace?

Yes, you can connect several calendars from one account and even several Google or Microsoft accounts to Expert Marketplace at the same time. You can specify exactly which calendars you want to synchronize and in which calendar new bookings should be entered.

6. How do I avoid double bookings?

Make sure you maintain all your appointments correctly in the connected calendar. Expert Marketplace will then automatically only allow bookings that do not overlap with your existing appointments. If you have entered location information in your appointments, we will also take any travel times into account.

7. How can I block my calendar for vacation or personal absences?

Simply enter the times when you are not available as an appointment in your Google Calendar or Microsoft 365. These times will then be shown as unavailable in the Expert Marketplace.

8 How do I deal with flexible appointments?

Appointments that you may be able to postpone should be marked accordingly in the calendar so that they can still be booked. To do this, you can set the status "free" (Google) or "tentative" (Microsoft 365) in an appointment. You will then continue to appear as available in the Expert Marketplace booking calendar.

The statuses are taken into account as follows

free -> will not be blocked
busy -> will be blocked
tentative -> will not be blocked
working elsewhere -> will be blocked
away -> will be blocked

9. Is the travel time between two appointments at different locations taken into account when displaying my availability?

Yes, if you enter a location in the field provided in your calendar entries, Expert Marketplace can automatically take into account the travel time between an appointment and the venue of a booking. It is important that you select the location suggestion displayed by Google or Microsoft. This contains geodata that Expert Marketplace needs for the calculation. If the exact address is not displayed as a suggestion, you can also use an alternative address nearby.

10. What should I do if I have technical problems with calendar synchronization?

If you have technical problems, contact Expert Marketplace support. They can help you solve synchronization problems.