Green Deals

Create synergies, save costs, protect the environment

Through the "Green Deals" filter in the Expert Marketplace live booking platform, Speakers Excellence takes event organization to a new level. The Green Deal option allows customers to receive a 20% discount on speaker fees.

Let's assume the desired speaker is already booked for a talk in Munich. If a second customer now books this speaker for another event in Munich, before or after the first date, both the first and the second customer will receive a 20% discount on the fee. It is therefore worthwhile to frequently add speaker favorites to the watch list and to keep an eye on bookings for a particular speaker.

In addition, the Green Deal creates planning security. If the speaker is already in the vicinity, risks such as traffic disruptions are eliminated. This means the event can start as relaxed as possible and the speaker is not rushed either. Expert Marketplace makes all this possible with the Green Deal. A product innovation in the event industry that offers added value for all event planners and staff developers with transparency and leading technologies.