Was ist der „Expert Marketplace“?

The Expert Marketplace is a platform that modernizes the booking, handling, and payment processes in the speaker industry. At www.expert-marketplace.com, interested parties can search for and directly book speakers, moderators, trainers, and presenters in an Amazon-style manner. Customers can quickly see which speaker or trainer is the best in their chosen field on the platform. Additionally, the speaker's availability can be checked immediately, and the speaker can be booked live.

How is the sales ranking determined in the listing?

The sales ranking is based on the ProvenExpert rating in terms of quality and quantity. The more and better reviews there are, the higher the profile appears in search results. Factors like whether a speaker belongs to the Top 100 expert community also contribute to the ranking.

What is a "Green Deal"?

Let's say an act is booked for a specific date in Munich. If a second customer books this speaker for another event in Munich, before or after the first engagement, both the first and second customers receive a 10 percent discount on fees and travel expenses. So, it's worth checking back often and keeping an eye on bookings for a specific speaker.

What does "Option an expert for free" mean?

If the speaker is available on your desired presentation date, we offer you the option to reserve the speaker for your presentation free of charge for 7 days. You have a week to decide whether to book the speaker.

What does "Add to watchlist" mean?

The watchlist displays all the speakers you've saved at a glance. When you add a speaker to the watchlist, you can come back to the speaker after your search without them being in your shopping cart.

Where do I find the fees/travel expenses for a speaker if it says "on request"?

For more information, please contact us at +49 711 75 85 84 0 or by email at info@speakers-excellence.de.

Why can't I book every speaker directly?

Not every speaker has provided us with their calendar of available booking slots for online booking. In such a case, you can reach us by phone at +49 711 75 85 84 0 or by email at info@speakers-excellence.de.

Why is the number of participants required?

The number of participants affects the speaker's technical requirements, for example, whether the speaker needs a microphone or not.

Why is "Presentation type" selection necessary?

It's important for the speaker to know whether your presentation is for a customer or employee event to tailor the presentation accordingly.

What payment options are available?

After booking your speaker, you will receive an automatically generated email containing the booking confirmation. The invoice will be sent in a separate email and must be paid by bank transfer within the specified period.

Why does the customer need to be aware of the technical requirements?

Each speaker has different requirements for the room/technology. To ensure that the local conditions and technology can meet these requirements, they need to be acknowledged.

What should be done if the event location changes?

Contact your Expert Marketplace Assistant to discuss the change with them. We will coordinate the change with the speaker. Generally, changing the event location will also involve adjusting the speaker's travel expenses.