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Alexander Gass
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Alexander Gass, an expert in sales with responsibility, is a versatile professional with an impressive background. He started his career in the trades, then retrained as a wholesale and foreign trade merchant before becoming an expert in construction financing and real estate. This decision proved to be a milestone and the foundation stone for his successful work in this sector. His extensive experience in the trades and his commercial training give him the necessary change of perspective. His clients include financial service providers, insurance companies and solo entrepreneurs in the industry. In his presentations and training sessions, he imparts his practical and tried-and-tested knowledge for success, true to his motto: Selling means taking responsibility! Alexander Gass knows how to inspire and motivate participants with his passion for sales and his practical knowledge. He encourages people to take action.


Selling means taking responsibility!

  • How to create an atmosphere of trust and build a customer relationship
  • How to determine the real needs of your customer
  • How to work out the right solution with your customer in a product-oriented way and close the deal


Success mindset - How to love what you do and get what you deserve!

  • How to better understand your customer with a change of perspective
  • How to help your customers achieve their dreams
  • How to build a sustainable relationship and turn customers into fans


Network as a success factor - the foundation for your success

  • How to build a valuable partner network and multiply your success 
  • How to do good for others and benefit from it yourself
  • How to grow together with your network sustainably

References & Press

"Alexander Gass impresses with clarity and passion in his presentation 'Selling means taking responsibility'. He conveys that successful selling is far more than just closing deals - it is about genuine commitment and responsibility towards customers. Through practical examples and in-depth expertise, he inspires his audience to focus not only on profit in sales, but also on value for the customer. A groundbreaking approach for anyone working in sales." A. Reisler / Reisler-Finanz


"In his presentation 'Selling means taking responsibility', Alexander Gass impressively demonstrates how important it is to show responsibility when selling. His clear examples and practical tips motivate every listener to view sales as an ethical and customer-oriented activity. His commitment and expertise in sales make this talk a must for anyone who wants to be successful in sales. An inspirational speaker who redefines sales!" A. Rul / Rul-Finanz


"Alexander Gass is an inspiring speaker on the subject of 'Selling means taking responsibility'. His ability to convey complex sales concepts in simple language is impressive. He knows how to motivate his audience and make them realize the importance of responsibility in the sales process. His presentations offer practical tips and are thought provoking, making them valuable for both novice and experienced salespeople. I recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their sales skills." Paul Schell / Zorsche - International GmbH

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  • Online lecture

  • Factual presentation

  • Practical relevance

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Specialized lecture

  • Workshop

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