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Alexander Lang is an expert in mental high performance and a real estate entrepreneur. His journey began after graduating from the Police Baden-Württemberg, where he spent nearly 5 years in a specialized unit apprehending criminals in dangerous situations. This experience taught him to be resourceful in any situation and master stress and extreme challenges.

In 2017, inspired by Alex Fischer's book "Reicher als die Geissens," Lang delved into the world of real estate investments. Within just 2 years, he acquired 30 properties while still working in law enforcement, dedicating significant time to education and events. In March 2020, Lang made the groundbreaking decision to leave the police force and fully focus on real estate. Simultaneously, he completed a speaker training, wrote his first book "Kickstart Immobilie," and began offering real estate coaching.

Since 2020, Lang invested over 300,000 euros in personal development, recognizing it as the key to more success, serenity, and fulfillment. His coaching increasingly emphasizes mindset topics, benefiting many. In late 2022, Lang decided to expand his mindset coaching, releasing his second book, "Mach aus Deinem Leben eine Meisterleistung," and introducing innovative coaching programs in January 2023.

Through group and individual coaching, Lang helps entrepreneurs overcome limiting beliefs, expand awareness, and successfully navigate towards a fulfilled life in all areas. Interested individuals can secure a free consultation. Lang has already inspired thousands of entrepreneurs on major stages in the real estate industry.


"Turn your life into a masterpiece!

  • Discover how to find your WHY and learn to live according to your values
  • Achieve your goals with the right success mindset
  • Navigate setbacks and remain successful in the long run

10 Principles for Your High Performance

  • Identify and successfully dissolve limiting beliefs
  • Program yourself and your environment for high performance
  • Intuitively make the right decisions

5 Golden Rules for Successful Entrepreneurs

  • Take ownership! Gain maximum control over your business
  • Results matter! Only the outcome counts!
  • Put the pedal to the metal! Utilize your full potential!"

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Client Testimonials:

"My challenge was identifying and breaking existing limiting beliefs. Working with Alex, we focused on this. Alex dedicated extensive time, even spontaneously, addressing my challenges in the current real estate market. We tackled both mindset and technical aspects. In challenging situations, I changed my perspective and extracted 'Gold Nuggets' for my future development."

 Paul Müller, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Paul & Cie. Immobilien GmbH, Berlin


"Over three months, I had the privilege of being coached by Alex. We worked intensively on my identity development and mindset. Alex's expertise and commitment fundamentally changed my perspective. I now view setbacks not as obstacles but as valuable lessons propelling me forward. The work on my sales skills was particularly impressive. Alex effectively imparted sales strategies, leading to a clear increase in my revenues."

 Fabian Müller, Real Estate Agent and Developer, FMI Immobilien, Munich


"I saw Alex on stage, found his endless energy contagious and inspiring. Starting my career as a real estate entrepreneur, I chose coaching with Alex to learn from those ahead. The initial three months focused not on real estate but on my life plan and goals. Alex helped me articulate this, and it was challenging but worthwhile. Alex assisted with all technical topics, significantly improving my sales skills and helping me build an effective acquisition strategy."

Claudia Niessen, Real Estate Entrepreneur, Kaiserhaus Immobilien GmbH, Munich


"Before coaching with Alex Lang, I noticed a disparity in my life: professional success but lacking results in my personal life. Thanks to Alex, I defined clear, focused goals. He not only helped me reflect on and realign my personal attitudes but also provided tools to see my future vision clearly. Since then, I navigate my daily life with a changed awareness. Coaching with Alex profoundly and positively altered both my professional and private approach."

Waldemar Wilt, Real Estate Project Developer, Offenburg

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