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Alexander Lang began his career as a police officer in a specialized arrest unit. At the same time, he bought 30 apartments within just two years from 2017 without any capital of his own and has since traded over 50 apartments himself. This enabled him to achieve financial freedom with real estate. However, his success did not come overnight. He invested more than €300,000 in training and coaching to acquire the skills and knowledge of successful people in the real estate market. After reaching this milestone, he decided to give up his police job with civil servant status for life at the beginning of 2020. Since then, he has continued to work as a real estate investor and is now a sought-after speaker and mindset and performance coach. In recent years, he has already helped over 1,000 self-employed people and entrepreneurs achieve financial and emotional freedom.


Success with (self-)leadership

  • Building a success mindset: How to optimize your thinking and mindset to take your team and yourself to the next level
  • "You go first!": Lead your team by leading yourself by example 
  • Take responsibility: Learn to make quick decisions in order to react flexibly to constant change

Success with communication

  • Create clarity: Define the rules of the game together for successful cooperation
  • Trusting feedback culture: Create space for appreciation and openness
  • The power of words: How to inspire your fellow human beings with your words

Success with a plan

  • Efficient time management: How to organize your tasks in a goal-oriented way and increase your productivity
  • Develop habits for success: Learn how to build rituals and achieve your successes faster
  • Set clear goals: How to keep your focus on your goals through self-reflection and achieve them

References & Press

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My challenge was to recognize and break down existing, obstructive beliefs.

This is exactly what we worked on together with Alex. 

Alex took a lot of time for me, even spontaneously, to talk about my challenges

in the current market phase of the real estate industry and to solve them.

We addressed both mindset issues and technical topics.

As a result, I was able to change my perspective in challenging and initially unpleasant situations and

change my perspective and extract the 'gold nuggets' for my future development

from these moments.

Paul Müller, real estate entrepreneur from Berlin

Paul & Cie. real estate GmbH


Over a period of three months, I had the privilege of being coached by Alex.

During our collaboration, we worked intensively on

my identity development and mindset. 

Alex's expertise and commitment helped me to fundamentally change my perspective.

For example, I no longer see setbacks as obstacles, but as valuable lessons that help me move forward. Particularly impressive was the work we did on my sales. Alex managed

me in effective sales strategies that I was able to successfully put into practice.

The increase in my sales over the last few months is a clear testimony to the effectiveness of these strategies.
Fabian Müller, real estate agent and project developer from Munich

FMI Real Estate


I saw Alex on stage and found him and his never-ending energy infectious and inspiring.

As I am at the beginning of my career as a real estate entrepreneur, I naturally want to learn from those who are way ahead of me, so I opted for coaching with Alex and was not disappointed.

At the beginning of the 3 months it wasn't about real estate at all,

about my life plan and the goals I want to achieve professionally, but also in all other areas of my life.

Working this out and formulating it in such concrete terms,

that it not only suited me, but also Alex, was not easy, but it was worth it.

Ultimately, everything is based on this. Alex was always able to help me with all technical and managed to improve my sales skills enormously and develop an acquisition strategy.
Claudia Niessen, real estate entrepreneur from Munich
Kaiserhaus Immobilien GmbH


Before I started coaching with Alex Lang, I noticed a discrepancy in my life.

While I was flourishing professionally in many areas, the results in my

private life left a lot to be desired. Thanks to Alex, I was able to define clear, focused goals for myself.

Not only did he help me to reflect on my personal attitudes

and realign them, but also gave me the tools to see my future vision more clearly.

Since then, I have gone through my everyday life.

What used to be just a vague concept or a fleeting thought,

is now concrete and written down. This has had an immense impact on

how I make decisions and take action. I now look at challenges

from a different perspective and am careful about the thoughts and energy

I devote to them. Coaching with Alex has not only changed my professional approach, but also

my private approach in a positive and lasting way.

Waldemar Wilt, real estate project developer from Offenburg

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