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Alexander & Thomas Huber
Speaker Alexander & Thomas Huber
  • Ludwig-Erhard-Gipfel 2019

  • Alexander Huber - Analogie von Beruf und Berg

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The Huber brothers, Thomas and Alexander Huber, are an extraordinary team. Individually, one and the other are among the best mountaineers in the world; together they form one of the strongest rope teams of our time. As brothers, they are connected by family, plus the many experiences they have gathered over the years together. Each has collected many great successes for himself over the years, but the Huberbuam are particularly proud of the many goals they have achieved together. The brain is the climber's most important muscle - what good are the strongest biceps on the mountain if the visions are missing? Only the visionary is able to develop new ideas, to pursue these dreams, to muster the will and to carry mountaineering into new dimensions. In 3,500 presentations to date, the Huberbuam have managed to inspire and motivate their audiences. They encourage people to take the first step.


Alexander und Thomas Huber*: 

Analogy of mountain and profession: 
Intense - passionate - motivating

  • How to tap your full potential with the right strategy and successfully implement your ideas 
  • How to draw strength even from defeats, gain self-confidence and continue to pursue your path with renewed motivation and energy
  • How to keep the big picture in mind with the principles of mountaineering and reach every summit safely

Alexander Huber: 

At the limit

  • How to push yourself to your limit, yet stay centered and overcome your challenges
  • How to develop a winning mentality and use visionary power to achieve your goals

Thomas Huber:


In the mountains is freedom, With courage to success, Vocation mountain

The key to success is the courageous community and the impossibility exists only in one's own thinking. If you trust your experience, show courage, let yourself be guided by your intuition, it loses its importance. This is the true success! A lecture that is dynamic, dramatic and humorous about failure, success, about tactics and feeling, about waiting and taking off, about values and their implementation!


*Alexander and Thomas Huber can also be booked for individual presentations.

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Alexander and his brother Thomas also perform successfully in public. In addition to their books, it is above all the now more than 1,000 lectures with which the brothers inspire their audiences worldwide. Through their mountaineering achievements as well as the countless articles published in the trade press with no less than 80 front pages, the brothers are among the most successful mountaineers of our time. But they also inspire the general public: In addition to articles in Spiegel, Stern, SZ and FAZ, there are numerous appearances on television, such as Stern TV, Mittagsmagazin, Maischberger, Kerner, Markus Lanz, TV total, Blickpunkt Sport, NDR Talkshow, Böttinger and ZIB, in which they tell of their border crossings. In March 2007, the film "Am Limit," which won the Bavarian Film Award and the German Camera Award, was released in theaters. In July 2008, Thomas and Alexander were awarded the Bavarian Sports Prize.



Der Berg in mir: Klettern am Limit

ISBN : 3890293379

16.00 €


Die Angst, dein bester Freund

ISBN : 3711000363

48.88 €


Alexander und Thomas Huber: Zwei Brüder, eine Seilschaft

ISBN : 3890294839

22.00 €


Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

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