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Amina Meineker
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  • SpeakerSlam Gewinnerin 2021 Amina Meineker

  • „Erfolgs-Frequenzen“ - die richtige Schwingung für Change, Leadership und Innovation

  • SINN|MACHT|GEWINN 2020 - Keynote Amina Meineker: Von Sinn, Gewinn, Glühbirnen und Lasern

  • Impuls2Go Amina Meineker

  • (Selbst-) Führung in eine bessere Zukunft | Amina Meineker

  • Leistung, Power, Innovation - mit Frequenz - Führung erfolgreich sein | Amina Meineker

  • Die MAGISCHEN 13 Hertz im GEHIRN | Amina Meineker - Berliner Wifo 2023

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A complex and fast-paced world demands new skills in order to remain successful and fulfilled, because lightness and clarity lead to greater performance. Instead, we see too much stress, burnout and excessive demands. Amina Meineker is a graduate economist and international expert in frequency leadership, neuro leadership and sustainability. Her core message is: "You can do more." It is time to guide the human being into the brain frequency ranges that make it possible to face the challenges of today and tomorrow calmly, clearly and successfully. To this end, she founded the QantexX® Academy for Frequency Leadership and offers a scientifically sound and immediately applicable, reliable path to performance, ease and innovation. Be inspired and inspired by brain frequencies, their control and a completely new way of being in keynotes and training sessions. Amina Meineker does not promise miracles, she only makes them possible.


Neuro Leadership - You can do more

  • Human brain frequencies: Their direct influence on stress, top performance and creativity
  • Using insights from brain research to improve leadership, teams and results
  • More ability: Recognize, apply and systematically access new performance capabilities

Stress down - performance up

  • Understanding stress as a performance killer: Get out of stress, burnout and excessive demands
  • Discover new skills: Access to focus, top performance and innovation at the touch of a button
  • Tapping into the true source of performance: achieving flow and success with emotional intelligence

Shaping the future with mental power

  • Artificial intelligence - crisis or opportunity? Clarity, calm and an overview in uncertain times
  • Finding answers from a new source: Creative power, lightness and a desire for more
  • Change management today: shaping a successful future with serenity and clarity

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Winner of the SPEAKERSLAM Stuttgart 2021 Customer Award: Frequency management: The master key to success


What our customers say:

Phenomenal. Amazing results. Professional. A stroke of luck for every company. 100% recommended. I can't do the math, working with Amina's methods has brought so much to my company.


Different voices on Amina live:

"Amina Meineker is pure power! Profundity paired with humor - a delightful combination!"


"Very strong performance and a perspective on leadership that is not found in this form in the training and further education landscape. It creates new impulses that inspire further thinking and new approaches."


"Amina Meineker's keynote on leadership and change was simply brilliant and colossal. I can only recommend her!"


"Leadership, as dealing with oneself and dealing with other people, gives Amina Meineker an important and new perspective with the concept of frequency leadership. Very helpful and conveyed in a very understandable way."


"Amina Meineker inspired and inspired our managers and took them on the path to Leadership 4.0 in her uncomplicated way! The feedback from the audience after the event was outstanding. Absolutely recommended! That was Champions League!"


"Great suspense, top topic. A clear recommendation!"


"Amina is motivating, captivating and entertaining."


"Captivating - Focused - Fantastic."


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  • Workshop

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