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André Schneider, after having been a professional musician in major classical orchestras, developed his first experiences when IBM decided to go into services and asked him to create an IT consulting practice in Geneva, working throughout Europe; he then expanded his experience joining the World Economic Forum and was instrumental during his 12 years in creating the world"s leading global multi-stakeholder platform and finally globalizing this concept by expanding it around the world, with special emphasis on China and the Middle East. With his advisory, André has been quickly developing projects and thought leadership in many important issues around sustainable development, like renewable energies, sustainable competitiveness, sustainable mobility, sustainable infrastructure grading and financing and social banking. On August 1, 2013, André has joined EPFL, as Vice-President for Planning and Logistics. On September 1, 2016, André will join the Genève Airport as its CEO. André is also the chairman of World Climate Ltd, the world"s leading media and events platform to accelerate the development of the global green economy.


Sustainable Infrastructure Fund: Attracting Institutional


Investment to Drive Sustainable Development How does one acquire the massive financial investment needed for a fundamental re-configuration of the core infrastructure to confront the challenges posed by climate change mitigation and adaptation and by resource scarcity and energy security


The Global SNCF Mobility Index


The Global SNCF Mobility Index demonstrates how transport systems can act as both drivers and barriers to sustainable development, linked closely to environmental, societal and economic factors. A per-country tool and set of rankings integrating global and regional perspectives, the index aims to drive discussion about the evolving mobility challenges that policy-makers will need to grapple with in the next five years. The publication has a deliberately wide scope, with a focus on 66 countries encompassing three important subgroupings: the European Union, the G20 and the BRICs.

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December 2015

Founding President of the Board at International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN)


January 2014

Member at Institute of Technology and Public Policy, EPFL


June 2013

Vice-President Resources and Infrastructures at EPFL


January 2012

Member of the Advisory Board at Quantum Global


January 2011

CEO and Chairman at André Schneider Global Advisory


1994 - 1998

Build up and manage a consultancy group active in Europe


1987 - 1994

System Engineer at IBM


„André was a great partner working with me on the issue of the World Economic Forum for Latin America (2009) of which I was the coordinator for the Brazilian side. In addition to a leader, he is always fully committed to excellence and his team never stops until the objectives have been reached.“

Gutemberg Uchoa