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Andreas Herz

Resilience is the fuel of successful people!



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Andreas Herz
Trainer Andreas Herz


It is becoming increasingly important both professionally and privately: resilience - psychological resistance. Because challenges are constantly increasing. A true master of resilience is Andreas Herz, MSc founder of the HERZResilienz® concept, which combines Western and Eastern teachings with hard science. He himself is a person "who never gives up and has incredible mental powers" (ORF). The best proof: his victory over bowel cancer, which was diagnosed at an advanced stage. Or the Way of St. James, where he walked 810 kilometers in just 21 days. The chairman of the Austrian PVA acquired his knowledge of resilience at the Dalai Lama Institute and during his master's degree in psychosocial counseling. The busy entrepreneur, coach, trainer, top 100 speaker and lecturer at various universities in the D-A-CH region has been helping managers, entrepreneurs and their employees to make the impossible possible for decades. And he does so in an entertaining, memorable and practical way.



  • Forget stress & burnout
  • How to make the impossible possible with resilience
  • Strengthen your defenses - create serenity
  • Decide confidently in challenging times
  • Confidently take the right steps

Get up and move on

  • How you can learn and benefit from crises
  • How crises reveal new opportunities for further development
  • How to decipher the crisis code
  • Recognizing connections

Mental strength in times of upheaval

  • How to deal with the challenges of the times
  • The 3 steps to mental strength
  • Increase physical, social and mental resilience
  • Understanding the day (challenges) as a teacher




Leadership for managers 2.0 - How to retain teams

"If you want to lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself", as the saying goes. This is the only way for managers to learn to recognize and promote the full potential of their employees. Resilience expert Andreas Herz shows how. For more ease in crisis situations, inner calm, sovereignty and enviable strength.


Resilience: through the crisis with ease

Life is full of challenges. Both big and small. How you react to these has to do with your personal resilience. Andreas Herz teaches techniques that will enable you to master EVERY crisis with ease in the future. Thanks to the combination of Eastern and Western wisdom and the latest findings from neuroscience, Andreas Herz teaches you techniques that will enable you to master EVERY crisis with ease in the future.

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"For me, Andreas Herz is the epitome of resilience. If anyone can talk about mental strength, it's him, because he knows what he's talking about. His life story is motivating!"
Wolfram Pirchner, bestselling author and ORF presenter


"Thank you very much for this unforgettable lecture and the strength and energy you passed on to us!"
Barbara Nußbaumer-Grillitsch, Association for the Promotion of Nursing Science


"With his book series 'The Buddha as Coach', he is launching the HERZResilienz®Training, a new concept for coping with daily challenges such as stress, illness and other everyday adversities, and is becoming a leading expert in building and developing resilience."
Kleine Zeitung


"A life story for which we are quick to use the word fate."
Die Steirerin


"Charismatic speaker: With Buddha as coach, author Andreas Herz has now written a book that provides insights suitable for everyday use."
Kronen Zeitung


"Andreas Herz is a charismatic speaker, someone with a lot of charisma who you would like to talk to for hours."
Kronen Zeitung



Der Buddha als Coach: ACHTSAMKEIT

ISBN : 395842001X

9.00 €


Der Buddha als Coach: Resilienz 3.0

ISBN : 3958420109

9.00 €


Steh auf und geh weiter!: Mein Leben mit Krebs - Achtsamkeit als Weg zur körperlichen und spirituellen Heilung.

ISBN : 3869918829

19.00 €



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