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Angela Kiemayer

Voice as a success factor - the key to a WOW appearance



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


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Angela Kiemayer
Trainer Angela Kiemayer
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MMag. Angela Kiemayer, speech coach, composer and author, is an expert when it comes to voice and performance. She studied singing, acting and piano at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She started her career both on stage as an operetta singer and as a singing and speech teacher at a teacher training college and grammar school. Her clients include independent sole traders as well as medium-sized companies. The author of the book "Starke Stimme - starker Auftritt" (Strong voice - strong performance) now shares her expertise in coaching sessions, seminars and lectures through her company Stimmbaum. She inspires her participants with a mixture of practice-oriented exercises and techniques that anyone can apply immediately in their everyday working life. True to her motto "Sound and act like a professional speaker, from the first moment to the last syllable", she shows how your voice works best and becomes an audience magnet. Whether alone or in pairs with her partner, Joachim Claucig, Angela Kiemayer knows how to take people with her on her journey and inspire them to make a public appearance.


Voice as a success factor - the key to a WOW appearance

  • Know how: Never lose your voice again, never clear your throat again, never have stage fright again! What you can learn from stage professionals for your WOW performance
  • Strong breathing, strong impression: How to emphasize your personality and charisma with a performance style appropriate to your breathing type
  • Strong voice, strong performance: How to convince people with the right speaking technique and captivate the audience
  • Strong presentation, strong impact: how to use gestures and words to appear confident, love your performance and be guaranteed to be remembered

The sound makes the music - listen, listen, understand!

  • How to lead with your voice and take (team) communication to the next level
  • How to recognize and better understand the emotional mood of your counterpart by their tone of voice
  • How to adapt your communication to suit the mood, pick up on your conversation partner and get on the same wavelength
  • How to use your voice consciously, keep your vocal tone under control and convey genuine emotions


Voice sets the mood - voice always sells!

  • Communication 2.0: How to use your voice to generate trust, build relationships and create a good atmosphere
  • How to anchor your message emotionally with powerful words, the right pitch and body language
  • How to develop an unmistakable voice branding and give your personality even more expression
  • How you and your employees can best represent your project or company to your customers

Further topics:

Are you still speaking or are you already inspiring? 

Suddenly everyone is listening - 3 steps to a performance that sells!

References & Press

"I highly recommend the voice and speech training at Stimmbaum.
The sessions really helped me a lot: My breathing technique,
the pitch of my voice, my vocal volume and my whole rhetoric
have developed. My performance skills have improved
and I'm noticeably more self-confident."
Marlise Minder, nutrition coach, health MOT inspector


"Your work is so valuable, dear Angela Kiemayer. One of my
highlight of your presentation was the realization that there are inhalers and exhalers. 

I finally know why I couldn't do anything with many vocal exercises."
Daniela Landgraf, presenter, inspirer


"The best voice coach and breathing expert I know!!! Since
she's been with me, I've had a more powerful voice for hours.
Hoarseness magically gone, better posture and much more.
I can really recommend Angela and Stimmbaum to everyone.
Very, very compact and competent."
Martina Libra, hypnosis & personality coach


"The breadth and depth of Angela's repertoire on the subject of voice
inspired me: exercises, tips, information, patience, support, a great handout! The changes in the voice in our group were immediately noticeable, thank you very much."
Annette Dernick, speaker, author, executive coach



Starke Stimme - starker Auftritt: Ein Leitfaden zum atemtypgerechten Sprechen und Singen für alle, die ihre Stimme optimal einsetzen möchten

ISBN : 3902667737

24.69 €



‎Wirtschaft · 2023

‎„StimmBaumPodcast...und die Stimme stimmt bestimmt“ auf Apple Podcasts


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Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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