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Annabel Müller

represents goal achievement and resilience. Her motto: Don't fight with the path. Use what it offers you.



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Annabel Müller
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On the mountain and in business - skills such as COURAGE, decision-making skills, perseverance and confidence are crucial for success.
Annabel Müller offers lectures, seminars and business coaching for future-oriented companies that do not allow themselves to be diverted from their goal, even in the face of crises.

"Don't fight with the path. Use what it offers you" is Annabel Müller's motto. In 2019, she mastered one of the longest and toughest non-stop ultra trails: 349 kilometers and over 30,000 meters of altitude in a maximum of 150 hours. On foot. With less than five hours of sleep over the 6 days and 6 nights. With minimal food. In temperatures ranging from plus 30° to minus 5° Celsius. A tough challenge, both physically and mentally. Especially as Annabel was struggling with an injury and strong pain halfway through the race.

The forty-five-year-old woman shows how courage, perseverance and confidence can help you achieve big goals, both professionally and personally. She tore her hamstring muscle at the start of a monoski race. After an urgent and already delayed operation in October 2020, it was unclear whether Annabel would ever be able to run or walk up mountains again. With consistency and discipline, she fought her way back to ultratrail level in two years. To make the impossible possible in 2023, just one year later: She successfully completed the Tor des Géants in under 130 hours. She is now qualified for a top-class ultra trail race in which no German woman has ever finished.

Always higher, faster, further?
Yes and no. Because Annabel´s goal is not to become the world's best ultra trail runner. Annabel's strength lies in combining her experiences on the mountain with her unique experience in management and her knowledge as a psychological consultant to give gripping talks. 
The many enthusiastic references show the enormous effect this unusual experience has on the everyday (working) lives of her listeners.

Born in Munich, Annabel started running in 2009 far away from the mountains. Her first big running goal: a 10 km race on paved paths. Ten years later, she set herself one of the biggest running challenges: 349 km and over 30,000 m elevation gain in a maximum of 150 hours. Over 25 mountain passes have to be conquered in the Tor des Géants - normally 14 + 17 stages of 3-5 hours each.  Over passes of up to 3,299 metres and mostly off paved paths, far away from civilization. And while the Tour of the Giants presents the runners with extreme challenges - the onset of winter at the beginning of September, followed by merciless heat - Annabel learns that COURAGE, ENDURANCE and decision-making skills require an important, indispensable foundation: CONFIDENCE - in yourself and in your team. You will be surprised how many exciting parallels exist between the ultra trail and the company.




Courage is an important skill to achieve great goals. In German called "MUT" it is an abbreviation for MOTIVATION AND TRITTSICHERHEIT. As a rule, we are always courageous when our motivation is greater than our fear. Motivation without surefootedness is overconfidence and that can be dangerous, on the mountain as well as in business.



Making decisions is not easy. Sure it is, because good things are always easy. You will experience how to make a safe decision quickly and cleverly and how to avoid thinking errors.



Besides IQ, EQ is essential for success. I am not talking about the Emotional Quotient, even though it is as important. Because without the Endurance Quotient, no big goals can be achieved. And Confidence is the basis for all the skills mentioned above.



The Tour of the Giants / Trail and Error® (approx. 45 min.)


349 km and 30,879 vertical meters - the Tor des Géants is one of the longest and toughest ultra trail races in the world.
The key to success with such a gigantic goal is KEEP FOCUSED. However, cleverly sticking with it involves much more than just saying, "Chakka, I can do it".
Let yourself be surprised by what it takes to keep focused and what parallels there are between the ultra trail running and business.


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"Ms. Müller gave an exciting presentation to 500 participants at our Mission M congress. We would request her again at any time." Organization team Runkom GmbH


"Very good and inspiring presentation. Our participants were able to transfer the experiences from sport to the business world through Annabel Müller's speech and gain motivation for future challenges. I would be happy to do this again, for example in a smaller group as a discussion in German with management." Isa Föll, BOSCH


"Your seminar inspired the employees and had a lasting positive effect." Gerhard Kuntz & colleagues


"The seminar made us realize what can be achieved with small changes. Ms. Müller is a very positive person. She is bursting with energy and brought the topic closer to the participants with a lot of joy and commitment. We can only recommend the seminar." Koch Media GmbH


"The cooperation with Annabel was super relaxed and yet goal-oriented. In the difficult situation of creating a memorable, professional and individual presentation, she was the perfect contact person who, in addition to her own content, also actively thought about the needs of the client (agency) and its customers in order to produce the best possible overall result. Annabel as a person, but also her topic are definitely an enrichment and highlight of speeches about motivation, perseverance, mastering challenges or simply to be flashed by a very great achievement!" Andreas Cappell, keynote speech for VW


"The entire WDV-Molliné team would like to thank you for the interesting impulses. Ms. Müller showed us how important it is to create the perfect balance. Even our experienced athletes were able to learn something new." WDV Molliné team

"Everyone had great fun and can recommend Ms. Müller without reservation. We would particularly like to highlight Ms Müller's professionalism." MESSRING Systembau MSG GmbH


"I really appreciate Annabel as a person and speaker. A gripping presentation on the subject of staying focused and reachig goals. The best thing is that you can feel that this woman lives what she is talking about." Jörg Löhr, former national handball player, prominent speaker and coach


"You are a prime example for company presentations. I wish many companies would listen to you and then go up the mountain in a completely different way - the mountain of market leadership." Hermann Scherer, consultant, prominent speaker & author at DAILY


"I got to know Annabel Müller during a rhetoric training course and very quickly came to appreciate her. Her personality, her background and her rhetoric make her a convincing and very pleasant speaker who really gives her audience some very strong impulses." René Borbonus, Managing Director of Communico GmbH, prominent speaker and rhetoric expert

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Mindset Trail | Der Online Kurs für mehr Erfolg

Wissen Sie, was alle erfolgreichen Menschen gemeinsam haben? Es ist Ihre mentale Einstellung!



Trail and Error: Der Weg ist nicht das Ziel

ISBN : 3903376213

24.90 €


MINDSET TRAIL - Der Onlinekurs für mehr Erfolg

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Midweek MUTivation

Midweek MUTivation


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