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Dr. Anne Hoffmann

Building bridges - shaping the future together



Management, Leadership & Change


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Dr. Anne Hoffmann
Trainer Dr. Anne Hoffmann
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Dr. Anne Hoffmann lives change and is convinced that it can be easy and simple to achieve - if the framework conditions are right. As "THE bridge builder" between new and old, she brings digitalization and agile working to life. In doing so, she often sets trends that shape the future sustainably. Dr. Anne Hoffmann draws on familiar and proven methods as well as new methods of agility and new leadership. Last but not least, it is her playful approaches from improvisational theater and design thinking with which she successfully supports people and organizations in their change. As an experienced manager, certified senior project manager and SAFe Practice Consultant, she knows very well how to turn buzzwords into concrete, measurable results. She has 20 years of international management experience, including in the USA, India and Denmark, as well as in multinational corporate structures. With the continuous adaptation of the world of work, digitalization, agility and efficiency pressure, she proves that necessary changes happen above all when leadership gives people the space to successfully build the bridge to the new world. Dr. Anne Hoffmann has supported companies both in difficult transformations and in taking the first steps to promote employee participation. She is co-initiator of an employee initiative to improve mindfulness through lunchtime meditation. In her talks, workshops and coaching sessions, she inspires with her open and cheerful manner and encourages immediate implementation. Her work is characterized by optimism, lightness and curiosity.


Building bridges - Shaping the future together

  • Deciding with disagreement - Joint decision-making for success   
  • Self-organization - Why "everything voluntary" is not the solution either
  • Quality management in the new era - Anyone can do it!


You go first! - Change starts with you!

  • Five steps to train your stick-to-it muscle. Here's how!
  • Successful self-management - A booster for modern leadership
  • Self-reflection - For more clarity in your life


Knowledge. Change. Miracles. - Leading and learning in times of change

  • Agile Games Facilitation - Sustainable impact through play and learning
  • Leading at a distance and other creative approaches
  • Successful customer co-creation - more than applied design thinking

Further topics:


The myth of self-organization - The squaring of self-organization

Agility in hardware development

References & Press

"Self-management / self-leadership ... digital ... and then in front of a very critical audience. Most trainers would have quickly lost the fun... but with Anne Hoffmann, the keynote speech was a real change. In order to give high-quality digital presentations, it is precisely this self-guidance that is needed. From the technical organization to the clever switching between different digital tools, the presentation contained everything that ensures that the participants' attention and transformation of the topic is efficient. This is exactly what an excellent trainer/speaker must be able to do. Thank you, Anne." Philipp Gotterbarm, sales trainer, Selling is a craft! You can learn it!


"For many, remote is difficult, but not for Dr. Anne Hoffmann. Quite the opposite: whether remote or on-site: Her workshops are always enriching and create an innovative basis for the necessary change and its implementation." Prof. Dr. Harald Wehnes, University of Würzburg


"The sympathetic and approachable manner of the speaker and the presentation style in front of the flipchart were very pleasant. There was enough room for questions. My specific concerns were addressed and the initial impulses have already helped me. I really enjoyed this practical part and the start of the training."  Seminar participant



2010 IPMA Young Project Manager Award Prize Winner
2009 GPM Young Project Manager Award


International and national conference experience:

Keynote speaker at various conferences including IPMA World Congress, OOP, GPM PM Forum, ReConf and Software Quality Days, Hannover Messe, Agile Female, Manage Agile



Agile Games Facilitation

ISBN : 978-3-8006-6455-9


80 Spiele fürs Live-Online-Training

ISBN : 3958910858



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Presentation types

  • Workshop

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

  • Specialized lecture

  • Business talk

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