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Armin Iskander
Entrepreneur Armin Iskander
  • Iskander Business Partner I Imagefilm 2016

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Innovationsexperte Armin Iskander

  • Think Customer - Bestandskunden aktivieren - Kundenwert realisieren // Armin Iskander

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Armin Iskander, a computer science graduate, is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert when it comes to implementing product and customer ideas in companies. He started his career at Roland Berger and founded Iskander Business Partner in 2005. Today he is CEO, supervisory board member and investor. In his day-to-day business, he works as a management consultant. His clients include well-known start-ups and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In seminars and presentations, he inspires his participants with a firework display of innovation examples and his ability to adapt these to the situation on the ground in real time. Armin Iskander encourages people to think disruptively and consistently highlights the opportunity rather than the risk.


Think Digital - From pressure to act to successful implementation

  • How to identify further digitalization potential in your company 
  • How to break down your digitalization potential step by step into milestones 
  • How to digitalize your customer journey, generate more sales and increase customer satisfaction at the same time 
  • How to revitalize your current business model with a disruptive digital approach


Think Customer - Understanding and inspiring customers and realizing maximum customer value

  • How to recognize what customers really want
  • How to perfectly fulfill customer needs at every point of contact and thus inspire them
  • How to realize maximum customer value for your company by precisely satisfying customer needs:
  • Customers who do no work, generate maximum sales, show the highest loyalty and actively recommend you to others

Think Future - product innovation between today and tomorrow

  • The idea: Creativity is no coincidence, but hard work with a system
  • The product: Understanding and applying the 1x1 of product innovation and generating enthusiasm for implementation
  • Market success: From the product idea to its successful launch in the real market

References & Press

Iskander Business Partner GmbH
Year founded: 2005
Number of employees: 50 (with subsidiaries >150)
Industry: Management consultancy
Turnover: € 23 million (with subsidiaries > € 50 million)
Area of activity: Europe and reactive worldwide
USP: Highest implementation orientation


Extract from references: Telefónica O2, Sky, Sony, DHL/Dt. Post, Dt. Telekom, 1&1, Vodafone, Metro, Virgin Media, Freenet, Avira, Fressnapf, BMW, Siemens, Audi etc.



  • "Hidden Champion" 2018-2023
  • "Growth Champion Germany" 2017-2021 (Focus)
  • 2018-2022 Top Employer (Focus)
  • 2017-2022 Best Consultant (Brand Eins)
  • Top consultant 2021-2022 (Focus)
  • Top Consultancy 2022 (Handelsblatt)

Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Specialized lecture

  • Workshop

Required equipment

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