Dipl.-Journ. Astrid Frohloff

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Dipl.-Journ. Astrid Frohloff
Trainer Dipl.-Journ. Astrid Frohloff
  • Astrid Frohloff | Kontraste | 25.08.2016

  • Märchenstunde mit Journalistin und Moderatorin Astrid Frohloff

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Astrid Frohloff is a high-profile conference presenter and communications trainer with international experience. The long-standing television presenter is known from "Kontraste"/ARD, "SAT.1-Nachrichten" and "DAS! Das Abendstudio"/NDR. The qualified journalist is passionate about passing on the knowledge she has gained from thousands of hours of television, interviews and C-level coaching. "Our body speaks. Always. More than 80% of the impression we make on others is determined by our gestures, facial expressions, voice, posture, pace of speech and intonation." So it is not only WHAT we say, but also HOW we say it that is decisive for our professional success. As an executive coach for many years, Astrid Frohloff advises and trains managers, actors and presenters. She is a sought-after conference moderator - also in English - for companies, associations and other organizations. She is often booked as a keynote speaker. Astrid Frohloff is a political and communication scientist and has lived in the USA and the Middle East.


The topics of the keynotes and workshops are adapted to the wishes of the customers. Examples of topics:  



  • Astrid Frohloff is a top-level TV and conference presenter.
    top level. Thanks to her many years of experience, she knows how to
    event competently, captivatingly and authentically.
    (German + English).

100% digital: Innovative ideas for the conception and realization of your online event

  • How to make your digital conference a success with TV tricks
  • Virtual or hybrid: the success factors
  • Less is more! Concise, short and to the point
  • Networking: creative tools for interacting with your participants
  • The be-all and end-all: professional technology
  • Zoom, Teams & Co.: I stream, therefore I am


Zoom, Teams & Co.: I stream, therefore I am

  • How to present yourself convincingly in online meetings when working from home
  • "Hello, can you see me?" Dos and don'ts for online meetings
  • Moderating online meetings

Presenting professionally: Success factors for your public appearance

  • My top 10 rules for: Presentation, speech, discussion, interview, television appearance
    Confident, credible, authentic: How to win others over
  • No second chance for a first impression: your appearance, voice, posture, gestures, facial expressions
  • Formulating and placing key messages concisely  

Empowerment: How women can use their communication skills successfully

  • Typically male, typically female - why women communicate differently to men
  • The power of habit: awareness of your own communication style 
  • "I want to!" - How women learn to assert themselves more quickly
  • The power of my voice: speaking speed, volume and pauses!

References & Press

Extract of company references:

Audi, Acatec, Federal Foreign Office, BDI, Bertelsmann Foundation, Federal Chancellery, Office of the Federal President, Federal Ministry of Economics, Federal Ministry of Research, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Messe, DLR, Dr. Oetker, EU Parliament, IHK, Microsoft, VDA



Nomination for the German Television Award, category: Best Presentation Information Program


Customer testimonials:

"When I book Astrid Frohloff as a presenter, I get the kind of quality journalism that is rarely found on German event stages. And without sacrificing entertainment value."

Rainer Retzlik, Publishers' Night of the Association of German Magazine Publishers


"Working with Astrid Frohloff was a delight - very prepared, very professional and very aware of how you can make an event a special occasion. Working with Astrid definitely made a difference to the success of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival. Thank you again"

Charles Landry, Festival President, Creative Bureaucracy Festival


"Our guests gave Astrid Frohloff an average score of 1.2. The mixture of perfect preparation, the highest level of professionalism as well as charm and wit is a guarantee for a convincing business event."
Jarno Wittig, Managing Director of VKU Service, Association of Municipal Enterprises 

"You handled the moderation of a complex event - multiple people, multiple technical challenges, complex issue - in a superb and authoritative manner, staying calm when others were sweating. Thanks to your support, this game-changing initiative has gotten off to a great start!"
Thomas Cueni, Director General IFPMA, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

"Astrid Frohloff is a safe bet for any demanding event - especially in front of an international audience. As an experienced journalist and TV presenter, she shows great confidence gained from hundreds of TV programs, an incredible presence and a lot of charm on stage. Our guests were thrilled."
Abdulaziz Al-Mikhlafi, Secretary General Ghorfa, Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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