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Benedikt Böhm
Entrepreneur Benedikt Böhm
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Benedikt Böhm ist internationaler Geschäftsführer des Skitourenausrüsters Dynafit. Die Marke hat sich seit seinem Eintritt im Jahr 2003 aus der Insolvenz zum Weltmarktführer entwickelt. In seinem zweiten Leben ist Benedikt Böhm Extremskibergsteiger und Vortragsredner. In seinen mitreißenden Vorträgen schlägt er wie kein anderer die Brücke zwischen der extremen Bergwelt „aus der sogenannten Todeszone“ in die Geschäftswelt. Böhm ist kein lebensmüder Risikosportler. Im Sport sowie im Geschäftsleben plant er seine hochgesteckten Ziele akribisch und arbeitet konsequent und mit Leidenschaft an deren Umsetzung. Böhm hat sein Studium in den USA und England abgeschlossen, am wertvollsten für seine Managementkarriere erwiesen sich jedoch seine Grenzerfahrungen in den Bergen. Benedikt Böhm ist Botschafter des WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) und Gründer der Marke Helping Band, welche sich für den Erhalt und Ausbau von Natur- und Meeresschutzgebieten engagiert.


Benedikt Böhm climbs mountains of up to 8,000 m not only without oxygen and outside help, but in the so-called "speed style" to reduce the risk by staying in the death zone for a shorter time. Reduction to the essentials is today's formula for success in the multitude of options and paths we can choose every day. By focusing on the essentials, goals are achieved faster and we usually end up happier. But why do we find it so difficult to reduce? Benedikt Böhm sheds light on today's business life from the perspective of an extreme mountaineer and CEO of a world-leading sporting goods manufacturer. Benedikt Böhm's lectures consist of breathtaking pictures and short video clips with rare footage from the world's highest mountains. The audience quickly realizes that Böhm is not a daredevil extreme athlete, but manages both his expeditions and his company responsibly, that his success is due to careful and conscientious planning.
In his lectures, he answers questions such as:

  • How do you deal with uncertainty and how do you develop resilience and antifragility?
  • How do successful teams behave in the death zone and what methodologies have we developed?
  • What is the role of speed in mitigating risk, patience and flexibility in large projects?
  • How do we behave in absolutely exceptional situations and what role do fear and courage play?
  • How do I build up an inner "momentum" to achieve the seemingly impossible and how can risk be calculated in the best possible way?
  • What does it take to break new ground and lead a change successfully and how do you find your way back to the original attitude after huge setbacks?
  • How do you lead diverse cultures and inspire diverse teams for a common goal?

References & Press

"For several years now, Benedikt has accompanied my management teams as an inspiring speaker, but also practically as a coach and input provider on the mountain. My colleagues have always been completely enthusiastic because Benedikt manages to take people with him on his adventures at 8,000 meters above sea level and to transform his learnings into inspiration for everyday life and work. He succeeds in this especially through his enthusiasm and authenticity as well as the unique transfer from the death zone to the business world. Besides the always valuable content, what I appreciate most about Benedikt is his humble and open way of approaching and responding to every person, and I can highly recommend him!" 
Thomas Schmall, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Engineering Division, and Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components.


"Benedikt Böhm was a highlight of our executive event. His authenticity impressed everyone. Above all, he did a great job of conveying the analogies between sports and business in terms of performance and collaboration, thus inspiring the participants." 
Dr. Tim Höttges, Chairman of the Board of Management, Deutsch Telekom AG


"The lecture was authentic, inspiring and captivating at every second. Many thanks for the insights, some of them very personal, into your world of borderline experiences - both in sporting and business terms. The response to your presentation at our international leadership meeting was just as overwhelming as your presentation itself. "
Oliver Steil, CEO TeamViewer AG



Im Angesicht des Manaslu Speedbergsteigen in der Todeszone

ISBN : ISBN: 978-3492405560

0.00 €


From the Death Zone to the Boardroom

ISBN : ISBN: 978-1138337251

0.00 €


Book Release: FROM THE DEATH ZONE TO THE BOARDROOM. What Business Leaders and Decision Makers Can Learn From Extreme Mountaineering.

In From the Death Zone to the Boardroom (book title ≈ Von der Todeszone in die Vorstandssage), speed ski mountaineer Benedikt Böhm tells exciting stories of his expeditions to the world's highest mountains, of his fears and suffering, and of dealing with death.

Stefan Gröschl, co-author and professor of leadership and management, examines the topic from the scientific side. In doing so, he goes beyond traditional business strategies, opening up unusual insights and thought-provoking alternatives for managing your business.

Short statement by Benedikt Böhm about the book can be found here.

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