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  • Boris Grundl - Das Ende aller Ausreden

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Boris Grundl is the expert on mental transformation. He has been researching, writing and teaching about human development for more than 20 years. The entrepreneur has analyzed more than 300 corporate cultures in depth and knows exactly what characterizes sustainable leadership. His institute ensures that people and organizations can put his learning systems into practice. His thinking and work are condensed into the conscious handling of responsibility. Through his life's work, he wants to create an appetite for responsibility. His references confirm his exceptional position among top speakers. No one else is attested such a high level of authenticity and profundity. Those who book him experience the combination of clear messages, very high intensity and liberating humor. Every time. To the point.


Desire for responsibility - NOW!

  • How awareness of responsibility develops among employees
  • How clarity about responsibility moves people and cultures forward
  • Enlightening figures, data, facts from the Grundl Leadership Institute research project

Desire for results - NOW!

  • Why and how results orientation heals companies
  • How thinking in terms of tasks blocks and burdens cultures
  • How relationship orientation and result orientation come into balance

Leading Simple© – Leading can be so simple

  • This is what the leader of the future looks like
  • How you develop people with system
  • Why you need to lead people consciousness in the future

Magic of Change - Shaping the Future

  • How people overcome their inner resistance to change
  • How to make change competence a pillar of your culture
  • How to turn crises into a springboard for development

Get up! - The end of all excuses

  • How self-leadership works today - at the highest level
  • How people get to the bottom of their excuses and overcome them
  • Why mental transformation is so important for the future


References & Press

Boris Grundl has been one of the most sought-after speakers in Europe for more than 20 years.

Excerpt reference list:
Agravis, AMC, Atos Worldline, Audi, Barmenia, BMW, Brenntag, Capgemini, Chiron Vaccines, Daimler AG, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche BP, Deutsche Post DHL, Edeka, Erdinger, ERGO, Gothaer, Hamburg-Mannheimer, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Inline, IVF Hartmann, Kellogs, Klosterfrau, KPMG, L'Oréal, Lufthansa, Media Markt, Microsoft, Novartis, O2, Roche, SAP, Siemens, Signal Iduna, s.Oliver, Sparkasse, Tchibo, TRW, Telekom, T-Systems, ZURICH Versicherungen


"Executives from all over Europe flock to his lectures.“ ZDF

„The human developer. A stand-up man without equal.“ Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Boris Grundl is resilience in action.“ Zukunft Training 

"The spiritual great-grandson of Dale Carnegie. The world needs such stand-up men.“ Financial Times Deutschland

"He is one of the most successful management trainers in Germany.“ WirtschaftsWoche

„His TV presence makes politicians jealous.“ 
Wirtschaft + Weiterbildung

"Boris Grundl is an expert in solutions for difficult life situations and happiness." SWR

"He is one of the most sought-after motivational trainers in Germany." 
Welt am Sonntag

"Boris Grundl is the personified end of all excuses."
Magazin events

"Mr. Grundl provided an absolute highlight with his presentation. Many thanks, also on behalf of the extremely satisfied participants." Michael Will, Leiter Versicherungen, IBM

"Mr. Grundl's impulse lecture was very impressive and inspiring. Thanks to his clarity, he gave impulses and opened horizons." Mario Neumann, Education Services HP

"He didn't lecture his talk, he lived it, and as a result impressed and convinced the entire team."Peter Wolf, Leiter Trade Finance Südwest, Deutsche Bank

"Through his commitment, he has authentically communicated what he has experienced and achieved in a credible and strong way. Boris Grundl therefore does not convince executives or employees - but people!"Peter Goldschmidt, Head of Sales, Novartis

"Mr. Grundl is able to 'grab' his audience emotionally. He shook things up and made important contexts appear in a different light."Christoph Meyerrose, Geschäftsführer Technical Training GmbH, Lufthansa

"Mr. Grundl is a master at inspiring our leaders to be self-motivated."Klaus M. Wiessmann, Abteilungsleiter, Deutsche Telekom

„Boris Grundl zeigt an seinem persönlichen Beispiel, wie wichtig es ist, nie aufzugeben.“
Reinhold Würth, Unternehmerlegende

"With his lifetime of accomplishments, Mr. Grundl is an important role model."
Rolf Benz, Möbelfabrikant

"Boris Grundl knows how to "sharpen the eye for the essentials and to do so simply and clearly."" Reinhold Schulte, Vorsitzender der Vorstände der Signal Iduna Gruppe

"Boris Grundl has an outstanding ability to draw people out of their shells and give them new food for thought."
Roland Schuler, Mitglied des Vorstands, BayWa AG

"Mr. Grundl has inspired and made a lasting impression on more than 3,700 participants at our nationwide expert forums."
Annett Seelos, Geschäftsleitung persona service

"Few people embody the message of crisis and overcoming like Boris Grundl."Sonntag aktuell



Steh auf!: Das Ende aller Ausreden

ISBN : 3430210143

25.00 €


Verstehen heißt nicht, einverstanden sein: Wie Sie respektiert werden, Freunde gewinnen und Stress meistern

ISBN : 3430202442

18.00 €


Leading Simple: Führen kann so einfach sein (Dein Business)

ISBN : 3967390705

24.90 €


Mach mich glücklich: Wie Sie das bekommen, was jeder haben will

ISBN : 9783430201780

18.00 €


Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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