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Carsten Böhm

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Carsten Böhm
Trainer Carsten Böhm
  • Einfach mehr verkaufen - Warum einfach manchmal so schwer sein kann! | Carsten Böhm

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Carsten Böhm is a passionate salesman and trainer and a man of practice for practice. He gained his expert know-how during his many years of working for national and international companies. Today, Carsten Böhm develops new training and coaching concepts for companies and imparts his knowledge in training courses, coaching sessions and lectures. Together with his team, Carsten Böhm develops e-learning programs that are individually tailored to the needs of customers in order to ensure the sustainability of knowledge. He inspires his participants with practical, easy-to-implement examples. He is a trainer who gets to the heart of the matter.


Leadership in sales - Simply more turnover!

  • How to get to know the advantages and effects of different leadership styles - and learn how to use them personally
  • How to use the cooperative management style to take responsibility for your employees and lead them to act independently
  • How to work out binding goals with your employees, implement them consistently with strategy and sustainably increase your sales

Simply sell more - Why simple can sometimes be so difficult!

  • How to reflect on your personal impact and optimize it in a customer-oriented way
  • How to use emotional intelligence to better understand your customers and lead them in a targeted manner
  • How to recognize your customer's buying signals, initiate and close the sale with determination and courage

Personality in sales and leadership - reaching your goal with emotional intelligence!

  • How to learn to understand yourself and others better and communicate more effectively
  • How to become self-aware of your abilities, appear and act confidently
  • How to significantly increase your sales and leadership success with awareness and knowledge of human nature
  • How to develop emotional intelligence

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"We have been working successfully with Mr. Böhm for several years. Mr. Böhm works in a very practical way and enables the sales staff to actively participate in the training. Many salespeople achieved a significant increase in sales after the training and support at the POS." Enrico J.


"I was very fortunate to be able to attend several seminars and events with the speakers Andrea Walter and Carsten Böhm, and was impressed by the atmosphere and the wealth of new approaches and approaches conveyed. The seminars were always characterized by new and interesting knowledge and a relaxed, cordial atmosphere. Many interesting practical training sessions and group work also reinforced the seminar content conveyed by the speakers in advance. I personally hope for further interesting cooperation in the future." M. Domasch


"The whole of last week led both me as a manager and my sales team to top performance. The success of the further developments is sensational! Always happy to come back! We look forward to the next appointment. Best regards." K. Matz

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Practical relevance

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