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Christian Beckert
  • Fehlerkultur – Warum Fehler zum Erfolg beitragen! - Christian Beckert - Speaker Slam 2023

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I was never one of those children who dreamed of a career as a pilot. Being a pilot wasn't something I aspired to be as a child. Not because I didn't want it, but because I didn't know it. It was only many years later that I came to aviation by accident. As a trained forwarding agent, I was headhunted to LTU airline by my boss at the time. Two days after I was hired, I entered a cockpit for the first time and was fascinated by flying from that moment on. Now I knew what I wanted. Even during my training as a pilot, I was interested, rather unconsciously, in flight safety, air accidents and crew resource management. In my first job as a pilot on a business jet in a smaller company in the commercial aviation sector, I immediately experienced what it means to work in unsafe conditions. Every day, the former managing director, owner and pilot of this company gambled with the lives of his employed pilots and passengers through his actions. After I left, he had a self-induced flight accident in 2002. In the following years of my work as a co-pilot for a large German airline, I acquired further additional qualifications. Today, I am not only a qualified airline captain but also an aircraft accident investigator, certified business coach, business trainer and personnel consultant, as well as a crew resource management trainer and I am also active in a working group at the Association Cockpit that deals with aircraft accidents.My main focus is to help you if you have questions about leadership, communication, better people skills, decision making and a better company culture.Why is the aviation system and flying so safe and reliable and how can we transfer this to your company to ultimately make it more successful?


The fascination of flying - what a manager can learn from a pilot

  • Why preparations are so important to reach your destination
  • Why cross checks and checklists guarantee fewer mistakes  
  • How to develop situational awareness in order to make a decision
  • Why a good error culture avoids crashes and helps your company take off
  • Why you should lead situationally in order to win people over

Get off to a flying start thanks to clear leadership

  • Why communication only works in a team
  • How to master the leap from the "colleague role" to the "leadership role"
  • How to win over your new team and develop them into companions
  • Why permanent self- and external reflection is the decisive success factor for you as a manager


Living a culture of error as a turbo for your company - achieving top performance with mistakes

  • Why an "error culture" in the company is extremely important!
  • Denounce? Yes, but the right way!
  • How do I deal with my own mistakes?
  • "Fuckup Nights". Why they absolutely belong in your company
  • Error management - dealing with complex failures and what you can learn from them

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  • Air Go
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  • Swiss Jet
  • E-Aviation
  • MHS Aviation
  • 25Only
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