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Christina Obergföll

Success or Failure - Passion Decides!



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Christina Obergföll
Speaker Christina Obergföll
  • Speerwurf-Weltmeisterin Christina Obergföll im Interview

  • Der KAMPF zum OLYMPIA GOLD | Christina Obergföll - Didacta 2023

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Christina Obergföll

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With 8 international medals to her name, Christina Obergföll is one of Germany's most successful track and field athletes. After her silver coup at the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005, the javelin thrower fought for 8 years to stand at the top of the podium. In 2013, the athlete, who was already dubbed the "eternal runner-up," managed to hit the big time, and her perseverance, diligence and hard work were finally rewarded. With her master's degree in prevention and health management, she has been working for BARMER as a sports and health ambassador for years. In addition to Job & Family, Christina has been involved for many years with the "Förderverein krebskranker Kinder Freiburg e.V." and is an ambassador for the state of BW for "Literacy & Basic Education". Her clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. In her presentations, she inspires her participants with emotional insights into her career and provides the audience with her success factors. She knows how to show analogies between sporting and business success and how to transfer them to everyday professional and private life.


Motivation and success - The way to the gold medal

  • How to use the success virtues of top sports for your business
  • Success is no coincidence - How to achieve top performance with the right team
  • How to deal with defeats and setbacks and turn them into successes
  • How pressure releases undreamt-of energies and becomes the fuel for your goals

Spearheading success- mastering highs and lows

  • How goals and visions become the engine of success
  • How to recognize your own talents and abilities and develop them in a targeted manner
  • How to master hurdles and obstacles and overcome limits
  • How to develop a winning mindset and focus on the essentials
  • How to use your successes as a motivation booster and achieve your goals

Other topics:

Now more than ever! - The way to the gold medal

Fit for Life & Business - Healthy Rituals for Success

References & Press

As a javelin thrower:

  • World Champion 2013
  • Olympic runner-up 2012
  • World Championship third 2011
  • European Championship silver 2010
  • Olympic silver medal 2008
  • World Championship silver medal 2007
  • World Championship second 2005
  • German record holder 70,20m
  • Diamond League overall winner 2011 & 2013


  • Female athlete of the year 2013
  • Female athlete of the year 2013
  • Champion of the year 2012
  • Rudolf Harbig Award 2017
  • Order of Merit of the State of Baden-Württemberg 2021

As speaker:

Universität Freiburg, Volksbank Offenburg, EDEKA Südwest, Christian Funk Holding, Telekom, BARMER, Hiller Objektmöbel, Startupnetzwerk Mittelhessen, e.optimum AG

Participant comments:
"From beginning to end, Christina Obergföll's performance captivated me. She not only conveys her credo "Success or failure - passion decides", but also expresses it on stage. I am sure that our team will profit from her impulses in the long term.
and take the inspiration gained from this into the coming weeks and workshops." Christian Funk, CEO Funk Holding.
"An inspiring performance full of emotions. Motivating, inspiring and 100% authentic." Gerd Novotny, CEO e.optimum AG.

Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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